10 Surprisingly Scary Horror Games For Android & iOS

With time and improvement, along with better programming to create them, game apps are a great source of entertainment. The popular app, Snapchat, has recently released an AR Game called Ghost Phone that allows players to hunt ghosts by using their phone’s camera in their surroundings. This recent release adds another fun addition to the already popular app game genre of horror.

Horror games, especially phone app games, have always attracted attention. Whether the games are stumbled upon, seen by advertisements, or played by a huge YouTuber, there are plenty of great horror games to play, and there are some that users find more terrifying or unsettling about them.

10 EricaErica's main promo image.

Interactive horror games have become more popular over time and have gained a massive fan base of those who want to control the entire story. The game Erica is an excellent example of an interactive horror game that allows the user to control the actions and dialogue of the live-action players.

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Though criticized for including more than its fair share of horror and thriller tropes, the game provides the player not only with awesome graphics but a great plot line to play through as well.

9 Last SummerStill shot of in game play for Last Summer

Last Summer is a unique horror mobile app that only allows the player to walk and experience it through video and sound. It proves that not all horror games have to be up close and personal fighting games or run-and-hide game types.

The main character is a girl the player will control to get her back home to her father. The unique experience comes from the fact that there are no words or talking, just the objective to get home. While it is a relatively short horror game, the interesting and bizarre surroundings, plus having to use sounds and what the player sees around them, brings a new kind of terrifying experience to mobile.

8 The Baby In YellowAngry demonic baby in The Baby in Yellow.

Babysitting can be difficult and tiring at the best of times, and it certainly becomes even more challenging when the baby in question is evil and wants to torment the sitter. The Baby in Yellow has been played by a few big YouTubers, including jacksepticeye and Markiplier, which have boosted the game’s popularity.

While the player works as the sitter for the baby, things slowly start to change, and the player will find themselves taking on a demonic baby. The game is simple in its premise but fun to play, with a mix of dark content and somewhat humorous moments, and is one that avid mobile gamers and horror fans alike should look into.

7 Backrooms Descent: Horror GameBackrooms still shot image.

For those looking for a puzzle-like horror game, Backrooms Descent is an excellent mobile game to consider. The game is a stealth-based horror where the player needs to try and hide from enemies if they hear them and keep an eye out for the traps laid out for them.

It describes itself as a hellish dimension that has the player descend into the deepest levels, making them try to survive through deadly traps and monsters to return to the character’s family waiting for them.

6 Nun MassacreEvil nuns on the loose in Nun Massacre

Nuns in horror movies can be quite terrifying, considering how they are often made up to look and act like demonic entities. Nun Massacre adds that and even more in the app available on both Android & iOS.

Nun Massacre is a stealth horror game made to look like a lost Playstation 1 game. The player also has the option to pick out image formatting that includes; VHS, black & white, or PSX. Multiple endings and secrets are included in the game where the player is trying to get their daughter who has fallen ill at their boarding school, and it leads to them trying to avoid bloodthirsty nuns who are looking to rip the player to pieces.

5 GrannyGranny from the app.

In Granny, you won’t find a loving, caring matriarch as often depicted in films and TV. Instead, the grandmother here is a demonic figure who has locked players in their house. Players brave enough to take on Granny are given just five days to escape her clutches.

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What adds to the terror of this game is that the grandmother has impeccable hearing that hasn’t at all deteriorated with old age, so players must be careful and quiet unless they want to see their horrifying grandmother running after them.

4 ​​​InsomniaInsomnia screenshot.

There are a lot of horror games where there is a monster that players need to scare off using a flashlight with batteries that drain faster than any cheap ones someone can purchase. Like the game Boogeyman, Insomnia brings back the flashlight and its own little monster to scare players with.

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Insomnia takes a different approach in its storyline, using insomnia as part of it. The character players will play as a child with insomnia fighting against a creature lurking in the darkness. The character must survive until dawn for five days in the game. While the creature is not the most terrifying thing to look at, it contains plenty of jump scares that will keep players on edge.

3 Dead By Daylight MobileDead by Daylight Mobile promo image.

For horror movie fans, there are plenty of great free movie apps to download. Many of the best horror movies have inspired horror games, and Dead by Daylight even includes characters from the most beloved horror franchises.

Dead by Daylight has been a huge success, so there’s no surprise that there would eventually be a mobile game to accompany it. It has the same premise as the PC version, with all the same thrills and scares, and includes many of the same franchises. With the mobile edition, players can take this beloved horror game on the go.

2 EyesEyes still image from the game.

In the horror realm, ghosts and demonic entities play a significant role in many films and games. Both have become fan favorites throughout the years, and in games, it’s a great effective way to scare players and get them more intrigued in the story.

In the mobile app game, Eyes, players will take on the role of a character breaking into a mansion in the middle of the night that’s huge and built like a maze. To make things worse, players must escape the ghosts and endure the jump scares that plague them during the game. Its eerie setting and use of subtle details are just another reason that makes this game fun to play.

1 Identity V

Not all horror games are consumed by jump scares. Some are disturbing and have a haunting element that gives it the right amount of eeriness that keeps players on their toes and glued to the screen.

Identity V is an Asymmetrical horror game that allows players to travel back into the Victorian era. With its unique visual gothic style and dark storyline of a detective trying to search for clues on a missing girl in an abandoned manor house, players will endure plenty of disturbing moments while trying to find the truth that is more horrifying than expected.

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