embedded finance: Understanding the rise of embedded finance in post-Covid economy

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“Mujhe Google Pay kar dena” – neighbourhood kirana store owner Indians trust Google more than banks with their money and 59% were open to switching to a digital-only bank as per a leading market research company, Forrester. This was before the pandemic. Post Covid emerged, digital adoption of financial services has accelerated further. This rise … Read more

Moneyboxx Finance raises Rs 25 crore from NBFCs, small finance banks

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NEW DELHI: Moneyboxx Finance Ltd (MBFL) has announced that it had raised Rs 25 crore in debt from a slew of lenders – mostly non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) and small finance banks since January 2021. Nine new lenders including AU Small Finance Bank, Hinduja Finance, Ambit Finance, InCred Financial, UCInclusive Credit, Profectus Capital, Capri Global … Read more

Looking for corporate support for your crowdfunded project? These practical tips will have you covered

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Crowdfunding is one of the most innovative, creative, and quickest moving spheres today. But each project that chooses to go the crowdfunding way requires a lot of hard and smart work and background preparation. Crowdfunding experts integrate numerous cutting-edge components and new ideas for maximum reach and impact. There is much which can be achieved … Read more

The need for ESG: Pluralising development through Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance investing

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When we think of ‘investments’, the first thought that comes to mind is redirecting surplus capital into productive activities that amplify fortunes. However, despite growing prosperity, the self-serving nature of capitalism in its present form has only been disadvantageous for societies worldwide marked by a widening gap between the affluent and impoverished. The current scenario … Read more

MSME: Loan restructuring: Should MSMEs opt for RBI’s one-time restructuring scheme

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As the pandemic brought large-scale miseries to businesses, the already beleaguered Indian MSME sector went into an overdrive to seek help from every possible source. The government through various means also tried to help this critical sector. Notably, in August last year, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), as an interim relief measure, came out … Read more