Is Regulation in Crypto Actually an Opportunity?

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A single global currency that is decentralized, and not beholden to any governing central body, might not be possible.  At least that’s what you’ll hear/read/ingest/ignore if you turned on the internet today.  Too many nations, (Such as China and Thailand) have put their foot down in terms of implementing crypto into their economies. While others … Read more

Preparing your e-commerce brand for acquisition: How e-commerce roll-up companies work and how to maximise your valuation

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One of the often understated, but nonetheless positive after-effects of e-commerce’s tremendous growth has been the rise of an army of independent private label brands offering some of the most loved products on the internet. It’s no longer surprising to see a product by a relatively unknown brand surpassing some of the biggest global brands … Read more

Metromile insurance claims phone number – zeb Digital Mortgage Lending Study 2021


Metromile insurance claims phone number- Construction and housing financing: digital offerings requiredAlso read: group health insurance: Why do small businesses need group health insurance? Bank customers are willing to handle part of the mortgage process digitally: a large majority of customers searches for information online, would apply for a loan on the web and submit documents … Read more

ocen: An OCEN of opportunities: Expectations from the next digital public good

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The launch of Open Credit Enablement Network, OCEN, announced at the Global Fintech Festival 2020, is expected to change the face of lending for India’s credit-starved growth engine i.e. MSMEs. OCEN a credit protocol infrastructure built by iSpirt is expected to disrupt lending in a similar way to their digital public good, UPI, disrupted payments. … Read more