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4 Alternatives to recover deleted photos on your Android mobile

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The incorporation of cameras in mobile phones gave a new dimension to these devices, which today we cannot conceive without the possibility of taking photos. The images we take represent some of the most valuable categories of content we have on our devices.. For this reason, that situation where we need to recover deleted photos on our Android is so common. In that sense, we are going to comment on all the solutions that we have at hand to achieve it.

If you are in that scenario where you want to bring back those photos that you accidentally or intentionally deletedhere we are going to help you solve it with 4 different and very simple alternatives.

Options to recover deleted photos from your Android mobile

Our first step to recover deleted photos on an Android mobile is the simplest and it is about resorting to the gallery trash. This section of the system where all the multimedia material is handled has a section called the trash can where all the deleted content is stored for a certain time.. On that note, if you want to bring back your deleted images, they might be here.

Although access to the trash can changes depending on the mobile manufacturer, the differences are not many and, in general, the procedure is similar. For example, If you have a Samsung device, just go to the gallery and touch the menu section at the bottom of the screen to display some options, including access to the trash.

For its part, if you are in Xiaomi you will only have to enter the gallery, touch the “Albums” tab and scroll to the end to find the “Trash” option. There, you can check if the photos you deleted are there, to select and restore them.

Those who have Huawei and OnePlus devices will find this section by entering the gallery or collections, respectively.. At the bottom, you will have the “Recently Deleted” option where you can find the images you are looking for.

In case this folder is empty on your mobile, it is because you do not have the trash activated. In this way, all deletion processes are permanent.

Google Photos

Google Photos
Google Photos is the Big G’s online gallery that allows us to make backups of our photos and videos and keep them safe in the cloud. In that sense, the photos you deleted earlier are likely to have a copy in the app. Likewise, it is noteworthy that the app also has a Recycling Bin, which represents our second option to search for deleted material.

A) Yes, our recommendation is that you take a look at the files that Google Photos stores and that you enter your trash to recover those deleted photos from your Android. To do the latter, you will only have to enter the Library section and there you will find the trash can.

Disk Digger

Disk Digger
Disk Digger represents the best alternative that we will find in the store to recover deleted photos from your Android. This is mainly due to the fact thatMost of the apps of this type require access to the Root user or they only recover a few thumbnails to demonstrate that they work and you purchase their paid version. This does not happen with this alternative that offers its services for both rooted mobiles and those that are not.

However, there is a fundamental difference in the operating modes and that is that for users without Root, the app will access and retrieve photos from the cache. This means that quite a few files will be brought back, but most are likely to be thumbnails. Having the root user unlocked allows DiskDigger to directly access memory to recover images in their full version.


DigDeep is another great alternative to recover deleted photos on Android, especially if you don’t have root access. This app also works based on the device’s cache memory, so it is capable of bringing back files that have been recently deleted. It is a completely free option and in that sense, it has the disadvantage of being full of advertisements.

When we run the application, a message will appear inviting us to download complementary applications, ignore it and touch the “Back” button. This will take you to the main screen of the application, made up of some blocks or folders that show images that we had on the mobile. The idea is that you enter these sections in search of the photo or photos that you want to recover.

When selecting any, the “Restore” button will appear below. Tap it to start the restoration and at the end, a message will be displayed with the path where you can find the photo. It should be noted that you can follow the same process, but selecting several images in order to recover them all in a single movement.

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