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5 best family-friendly Minecraft YouTubers in 2022

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Minecraft YouTubers continue to grow more popular every day. As social media has boomed, the space for gaming content creators has grown equally. Minecraft, in particular, has grown significantly since the game is older than most games being streamed or having YouTube videos made about them now. This phenomenon only increases every day, so one can imagine how prominent video game content creation will be in a few years.

Since the space is so large, there are naturally quite a few different kinds of crafters. Some of them are not exactly suitable for younger audiences or families, while others strive to provide content that everyone can enjoy. Here is a list of good examples of the latter.

Minecraft YouTubers that families can watch and enjoy together

5) DanTDM

One of the most popular YouTubers (Image via DanTDM on YouTube)
One of the most popular YouTubers (Image via DanTDM on YouTube)

DanTDM is one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers out there. He has been making videos for quite some time now, with most of them related to the sandbox video game. In fact, he’s become somewhat of a leader and an icon within the community.

Furthermore, his content is generally family-friendly as well, which is an added bonus. Often, the biggest YouTubers stop trying to make content that’s safe for everyone and just do whatever they want, but DanTDM is well aware of who the game is aimed at and makes content that is appropriate for younger players.

4) Minecraft Universe


Minecraft Universe has been in the content creation game for a long time. Also known as Jason Probst, he has been making videos for the game for about nine years. He was a part of Team Crafted, one of the most prominent groups several years ago, with several top tier YouTubers involved in its activities.

For now, he generally makes music and plays Minecraft. He is well-known for his parkour and adventure maps playthroughs. He also does several minigames and videos about how to use redstone and other complex elements in the game, with all of his content being family-friendly.

Although he took a break, he has recently announced his return to the game.

3) BadBoyHalo


BadBoyHalo is known for crossing over with other Minecraft YouTubers like GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and Tommyinnit, who aren’t always family-friendly. However, Halo is well aware of this fact and tries to separate himself from that in his own personal content.

Since the game is for children, content about the game should reflect that and, fortunately, BadBoyHalo’s videos do.

2) Dream


While the Dream SMP is not exactly kid-friendly, almost all of Dream’s other content is safe. His manhunt videos are exceptionally popular and really fun to watch, so families interested in the game would definitely love them. Fortunately, that category of his videos is pretty safe and clean. Other YouTubers he may work with might not be, but a Dream video is generally a pretty safe bet for family-friendly content.

1) Stampy


Stampy has been known by many names over the years. One thing he’s never been known as is the adult YouTuber. His content is great for children as it’s fun, clean, and focuses on the actual game. Many YouTubers create content and have Minecraft as the background, but this is not the case for Stampy.

What makes him so good is that he’s been doing this for a long time. In fact, there is a fair chance that people who watched Stampy themselves when they were young will now have families of their own and may want to share that content with them.

His channel features all kinds of videos from different periods of Minecraft, so there’s plenty to choose from. Fortunately, he’s routinely making content these days as well.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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