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5 best Minecraft singleplayer adventure maps in 2022

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Adventure Mode is often overlooked in Minecraft and doesn’t get played as often. Players often choose to play Creative or Survival instead.

Despite its lack of popularity, Adventure Mode is incredibly fun and allows for a lot of creativity. It is meant for player-created maps and does not allow players to directly break blocks or place them in order to prevent griefing.

There are tons of Adventure Mode maps available, especially on the Minecraft Marketplace, and most of them are singleplayer.

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Ice Age, Axolotl Islands: Slime Machine, and 3 other Minecraft Adventure Mode maps that everyone needs to try

1) Emerald Tycoon

Emerald Tycoon is one of the first custom maps to be made with Pocket Edition in mind. It’s available on all platforms, but it’s even better on mobile.

This map puts players on a dying island with a failing town. They are then tasked with reviving it.

There are several ways to go about achieving this goal:

  • Mine and collect as many emeralds as possible.
  • Upgrade emerald generators on the island.
  • Survive mob waves to keep playing.
  • Rebuild the village with resources earned.
  • Play the tycoon minigame.
  • Unlock zones and other special items that are available.

The best part about Emerald Tycoon is that it is available for free.

2) Ice Age map

The recent Minecraft x Ice Age collaboration brought this Adventure Mode map to the game.

The map rebuilds some of the most iconic locations from the Ice Age franchise. There have been many incredible adventures across the six movies, which makes this map perfect for Adventure Mode. Plus, the DLC comes with skins for Manny, Diego, Sid, and the rest of the gang.

Ice Age is an iconic franchise, so bringing it to Adventure Mode is something that should have been done a long time ago.

3) Sonic the Hedgehog map


The official Sonic the Hedgehog map was created and dispersed by Mojang and Sega in honor of Sonic’s 30th anniversary. It is available in the Minecraft Marketplace.

The map puts the fast-paced world of Sonic directly into Minecraft. Here is its official description on the Marketplace:

“Sonic the Hedgehog races into Minecraft at supersonic speeds! Sprint, roll, and spring off enemies through iconic zones, with infinite gameplay. Master the thrilling abilities of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and more! Compete with friends for high scores. Unlock achievements, characters, new zones, and a challenging Eggman Mode!”

The custom map is an excellent homage to Sonic. For players who don’t have a Sonic game, it’s an excellent way to satisfy those speed cravings.

4) Axolotl Islands: Slime Machine

Axolotl Islands is an awesome custom map (Image via Mojang)
Axolotl Islands is an awesome custom map (Image via Mojang)

Axolotls were introduced in the Minecraft 1.17 update and quickly became one of the most popular mobs in the game.

This map takes players to the Axolotl Islands, where residents are being terrorized by a variant of slimes called super slimes. Players will be given special abilities to free the residents from this menace. This is an experience only possible in Adventure Mode.

5) Casino Night Hitman

Casino Night Hitman Adventure Map (Image via Mojang)
Casino Night Hitman Adventure Map (Image via Mojang)

This Adventure Mode map is centered around Hitman, one of the most popular video game franchises ever.

On this map, players can hunt down and eliminate their targets in ways that would normally not be possible in Minecraft. They have to be sneaky to complete missions, which aren’t always present in Mojang’s popular sandbox game.

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