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7 Tips To Significantly Improve Autonomy On Your Android Mobile

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One of the great aspects to keep in mind while buying a smartphone, is the battery capacity and big brands know this. Moreover, ensuring that it does not deteriorate over time is also a challenge for many users who use their mobiles daily and continuously.

On the other hand, and although the life of batteries is quite long at present, any of us would like to find ourselves in a position to be left without it at a crucial moment in which we do not have a charging point. As you can see, our dependence on such a small thing is huge.

That’s why today we brought you 7 Tips to Try to Extend the Life of Our Android Smartphones And scratch a few extra minutes.

5G. Stop it

If your Android phone has 5G, a great recommendation for this purpose is to disable it, as it is a major reason for draining the battery.

Of course, this point is only useful for those who already have this feature, and although they are few, this technology is going to reach more and more terminals, so Turning it off will give you a significant increase in battery life.

Desactivar Always On Display

This is something that seems quite logical, despite being a very useful function for many, Its battery consumption can be quite large, depending on the mode you have.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gunman, this year we may finally see the desired Always On Display function on iPhones, which has been its main competitor for many years, and both users and Apple experts did not understand its absence, so this point is theirs. is also for

To disable it:

  • From your Android phone go to Settings, Lock Screen.
  • Select the Always On Display option.
  • Deactivate the setting you preset.

reduce screen timeout

You may still be using a lot of battery power while you’re somewhere else, but the screen stays on. If you’re not in the habit of manually pressing the power button to turn off the screen when you’re not using it, you might be using up too much battery power unnecessarily.

that’s why We advise you to reduce the amount of time the screen is on, so that the device turns it off after a long period of time.

Activate battery saving mode

It seems obvious but very few people actually activate it. And that’s it, it’s actually a great battery saver when we’re noticing that we don’t have enough left.

Battery saver mode reduces background activity to extend battery life. As a result, yes, but something bad will have to be done, Apps, especially third-party ones, cannot send instant notifications.

highlight that You will still receive your messages and calls on time. The basics will always be covered.

To activate it is as simple as:

  • From the phone, go to Settings, Maintenance and Battery.
  • Click inside Battery Options.
  • Turn on Power Saving Mode.

check battery usage

On the other hand, if you are noticing your battery draining at lightning speed, a great suggestion is to check your battery usage as it may Some application you have installed is consuming too much.

It is also possible that we have downloaded a malicious app, who, acting from behind, consume without even looking at us. Luckily, you can easily identify these apps by checking the battery usage. All you have to do is access the settings as before and there you will find a detailed analysis.

Check for Software Updates

Another thing you can do is to check for software updates. In most cases, if the problem is caused by software, Google will release an update to fix the problem.

Normally your smartphone will already be in charge to perform this task for you, but the option may be disabled and it is causing some other complication to your battery, for:

reduce screen refresh rate

Mid-range smartphones usually have a refresh rate of around 60 HZ, which is not a big problem. However, there are high ranges that play into the second division and, although this is a huge advantage, our battery may suffer.

To significantly extend battery life, You can reduce the refresh rate on your phone to 60Hz.

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