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9 Twitter Apps Better Than The Official One

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One of the most popular social media apps has been at the forefront of conversation, with Elon Musk’s back-and-forth plans to become its owner. Twitter has long been a foundational social media platform, that even brought Vine into the world for a notable time. The official app, however, is known to have its competitors.

Third-party apps like TweetBot and Twitterific may be more user-friendly and offer enhanced options for the frequent Twitter user. Whether on IOS or Android, Windows or MacOS, Twitter apps have been helpful in customizing everything from timeline preferences to profile adjustments.


Available for IOS

Tweetbot is easily the most well-known third-party Twitter app. From its release to its seventh upgrade, it has provided unique customizations to the Twitter user experience. This Twitter app is free for download with limited use; a subscriber option is available in which users pay $0.99 per month for full access.

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Tweetbot 7.1 includes updates to Background Refresh, refreshed icons, enabling notifications when specific users tweet, new follower notifications, and more. Tweetbot may easily be the best Twitter app for IOS, given its long-running reliability as well as its frequent upgrades and usability.


Available for IOS and Android

Many creators and social media influencers garner their influence on a variety of platforms, such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. One of the best reasons to use Hootsuite is for its cross-platform abilities. Another reason Twitter users will find this third-party app useful is the ability to schedule tweets.

The news developing about HBO Max’s recent changes may be overwhelming, but Hootsuite provides help for live-tweeting as well as scheduling thoughts that users want to share in the future.


Available for MacOS and IOS

Apple users may want to tweet their enjoyment of the company’s successful shows on their streaming platform, Apple TV+. A recent animated movie, Luck, has been particularly quote-worthy and an app like Twitterific provides simple UI and accessibility.

Twitterific de-clutters users’ timelines by removing promoted tweets. It also has a feature where users can hide tweets containing words or phrases that they don’t want on their timeline. For a highly customizable Twitter timeline, Twitterific has some significant features. It is free for use, but there is also a subscriber option for more features, at $0.99 per month.

Plume for Twitter

Available for Android

A satisfactory option in place of the traditional Twitter app is Plume for Twitter, available on Android. One of the most unique options that Plume offers is the ability to organize a user’s timeline by color; this helps with easy distinction when scrolling through Twitter.

Plume offers widget customization for home screens as well as enhanced profile editing. Plume is a free Twitter app that has a premium option for a one-time payment of $4.99.


Available for IOS

Tweetlogix is a revolutionary third-party Twitter app with detailed customizations such as personalized color themes, chronological timeline customization, font customization, and more.

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Tweetlogix, which costs $4.99 for IOS users, has the option of marking tweets as “read” when scrolling past them. Its UI is simple and easy on the eyes. Tweetlogix offers incredible enhancement to the typical Twitter experience.


Available for Android

One of the most reliable Twitter apps for Android is Talon, which is available on the Google Play store for $2.99. Android is already a highly customizable platform; it offers incredible wallpaper customization apps, and third-party apps like Talon bring even more freedom for the user.

Talon is the best and highest-ranked third-party Twitter app for Android users, its most popular features being custom swipe-able pages for the home screen, advanced tweet filtering for individual accounts and the home timeline, and widgets.


Available for IOS

Circleboom is a good third-party Twitter app for IOS with unique customization features. The free app’s best feature is its detailed tweet-deleting capabilities: users can delete tweets by various criteria such as date, keyword, likes, and more.

Another powerful feature is the user’s option to undo any or all tweet likes, retweets, and replies as needed. Circleboom takes the best parts of Twitter and enhances them, giving the user more freedom to customize and edit their timeline and profile.

Albatross for Twitter

Available for Android

Perhaps the best free Twitter app for Android is Albatross. This Twitter app removes promotional tweets and follows a strictly chronological timeline. Its best feature might be the ability to schedule tweets to be posted later.

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Android users might schedule tweets for a later time, then play the best mobile games Android has to offer, with no hassle. Albatross is a highly usable third-party Twitter app with a long list of customizability.

Echofon for Twitter

Available for IOS

As the only free Twitter app with Inline Photo Previews, Echofon for Twitter is a popular third-party app for IOS users. One specific and impressive feature is the ability to search nearby tweets with Maps integration.

Echofon for Twitter also has six themes available to provide further customization for the frequent Twitter user. It is one of the few Twitter apps that allows the user to access all of their Twitter accounts at the same time, without hassle.

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