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Adnan Sami Finally Opens Up About His Weight Loss Journey From 230 Kgs To 80Kgs, Reveals His Secret

Adnan Sami Finally Opens Up About His Weight Loss Journey From 230 Kgs To 80Kgs, Reveals His Secret

Indian singer, Adnan Sami has won hearts with his melodious voice. His songs like Kabhi To Nazar MilaoLift Karaa DeTera ChehraTu Sirf Mera Mehboob are still trending on the internet and fans across the world love to sing them. While he has made a huge name in the singing world with his talent, he is also known for his drastic weight loss journey.

Adnan Sami is a living example that there is nothing impossible. The singer initially weighed around 230 kg. However, in 2007-2008, he left the world in awe with his jaw-dropping weight transformation. But it wasn’t enough for the singer as in 2022, he yet again left our eyes popped with his smoking hot pictures in a pool, and he looked much younger and fitter.

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Adnan Sami

Recently, in an interview with the Hindustan Times, Adnan Sami finally opened up about his weight loss journey from 230 kgs to 80 kgs. The singer shared that he had weight issues for a long time, and it was his lifelong struggle to lose weight. He also talked about the first time he had lost drastic weight. Adnan Sami said:

“I have, for the longest period, had issues with my weight, and it has been a lifelong struggle. I keep, for lack of a better word, yo-yoing, going up on the scales. The first time I lost a tremendous amount of weight was around 2007-2008. Then, I kept putting on and losing weight. It’s a part of life. This time, too, it was a typical occasion when I had lost some weight.” 

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In the same interview, Adnan Sami also talked about his viral pictures, in which he looked super hot for a 50-year-old man. The pictures were trending on the internet. He said:

“I posted them as routine. I didn’t realise it will suddenly go and catch the attention of people, but it did.”

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On the work front, Adnan Sami released his latest song, Alvida!

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