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All you need to know about the free-to-play Minecraft game

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Minecraft is a game that is widely enjoyable on many different platforms, but players sometimes require an alternative.

Eaglercraft is an excellent web-based version of the game that can be played on nearly any online browser available. It allows players to enjoy several facets of the vanilla game right from their web browser. Players can even hop in and enjoy multiplayer with a customized profile and skins.


While Eaglercraft doesn’t have the exact robust content as vanilla Minecraft, it’s still a great way to enjoy the core gameplay without any purchases or downloads being necessary.

As long as a player’s browser has Java functionality, they should be able to fully enjoy Eaglercraft.

Eaglercraft is comparable to Minecraft version 1.5.2 and is currently in the beta stages

A player sets up their profile via Eaglercraft (Image via Eaglercraft)
A player sets up their profile via Eaglercraft (Image via Eaglercraft)

Much like Minecraft Classic, players can dive into Eaglercraft simply by punching the game’s URL into their navigation bar.

At the moment, the game is comparable to Minecraft version 1.5.2, so players won’t see features that were implemented in later updates. However, this isn’t a problem for many players, as the core features that make the game so enjoyable are still intact.

Eaglercraft is still a work in progress, but it provides a great way to experience the world’s most beloved sandbox game without any money or installations being involved. The game even runs on Chromebooks, which require a significant amount of legwork to typically run the original game under ordinary circumstances.

Steps to play Eaglercraft

  • Open your preferred web browser and enter into your URL bar.
  • Press any key to enable sound for the game. This will also bring players to Eaglercraft’s setup.
  • Check the box at the bottom of the next screen and agree to the licensing agreement.
  • After accepting the agreement, players can fill out their profile information and upload a skin if they’d like to.
  • On the main menu, players can hop into a multiplayer server or change their settings like the original game. They can also click on the diamond armor icon to be taken to the beta for Eaglercraft’s singleplayer mode. Here, players can create a world much like they would in traditional Minecraft.

It’s important to note that Eaglercraft is currently in the beta stages. For this reason, players should note that bugs or glitches may occur in the game.

The developers of the program, while very proficient at what they do, don’t have the massive amount of resources that Mojang/Microsoft does. They go to great lengths to address bug fixes, but players will need to be patient in the event that they encounter a bug or performance-related issue.


Eaglercraft may not be a perfect recreation of Minecraft, but it’s a great way to enjoy the game for free and with no strings attached.

This is great news for Chromebook players, in particular. It is typically quite difficult to get the game running on the device outside of very specific situations or through the use of Education Edition.

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