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Ananya Panday spills the beans on dating Kartik Aaryan, Ishaan Khatter and her latest crush Aditya Roy Kapur!

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‘Liger’ stars Ananya Panday and Vijay Deverakonda appeared on the fourth episode of the ‘Koffee With Karan Season 7’ and spilled the beans on their relationship status and more.

After an unsuccessful grilling session with Vijay, KJo turned toward Ananya to dig out information about her love life. The filmmaker asked if she broke up with Ishaan Khatter. The actress tried to avoid the question and answered, “I’m single now.”

Johar then asked about her romance with Kartik Aaryan, Ananya quipped, “I don’t think about the past. We are just good friends, Karan.” To which Karan said, “But he hasn’t managed that status with other girls he’s dated. How has he managed that with you?”

Ananya said, “It’s me! I am a very friendly person.I think I like being good friends with people. Karan quickly interrupted Ananya and asked if she thinks he would date Kartik in future. “Kya pata, Kal ho na ho, Life is all about surprises, but I like being single,” Ananya answered.

Later, the filmmaker went on to ask, “I saw you at my party and I am going to say it. What’s brewing between you and Aditya Roy Kapur?” Ananya quickly replied, “Nothing, we are good friends. He is very hot.”

KJo further grilled and asked if she would be interested to be in a relationship with Aditya. The actress again replied, “He is very hot” and Karan said, “So, you won’t mind!”

Ananya concluded by saying, “You never know.”

Karan went on to reveal that he saw a steaming conversation between Ananya and Aditya at his birthday party. Ananya quickly corrected him and said, “There was a lot of dancing and lots of spins.”

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