Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Quick Look: iPhone goes dynamic!


Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max has reached us and we take a look at this dynamic new iPhone and what it has to offer.

The iPhone 14 Pro is truly the new iPhone this year! It really is! The Pro version gets an actual new chipset, a set of new cameras, a new display, and then some more. And, it gets a higher price in India as well! This then is the version of iPhone 14 that is new and hence, it makes us excited for the iPhone 14 Pro Max – the biggest of them all. The Pro Max has the biggest display and even with the Dynamic Notch, there’s ample space for all of iOS 16’s elements. What’s it like then in the real world?

We just got our hands on a Gold iPhone 14 Pro Max with the 1TB storage option – yes, the best of its kind that sets you back by Rs. 1,89,900, although the 128GB variant starts at Rs. 139,900. That’s almost Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 money for a conventional slab phone and Apple better have some “masala” inside to justify that exorbitant price tag. While I am yet to find out that “masala”, here’s a quick look at the iPhone 14 Pro Max and what’s immediately new.

Design: One “Dynamic” element

“Is that really the new iPhone 14 Pro Max?” That’s the question this phone has been attracting ever since it came out of the box. Next to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the iPhone 14 Pro Max looks almost the same – the same kind of triple cameras, the same flat sides, and the same blingy overall appearance. The only way to flaunt your iPhone 14 Pro is to show its display with the Dynamic Island; and thanks to the Always On Display, you won’t even need to bring it to life.

It’s the front that does all the “I am the iPhone 14 Pro Max”. The pill shaped cutout area still takes a substantial space on the top and the little space it leaves isn’t utilised by anything. Hence, the iPhone notch kind of stays, just in a different form. It’s not bad since it does a lot more to justify its presence.

Other than that, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a brilliant build quality – stainless steel frame on the side, Ceramic Shield glass at the front, durable glass back, and IP68 rating for water and dust resistance. After two initial waist-level drops (thanks to my colleagues), the iPhone 14 Pro Max hasn’t caught any scratch yet. Phew!

Functionality: It is still your friendly iPhone

Beyond all that blingy skin lies the same reliable and now fancy iPhone experience. The iPhone 14 Pro Max boots iOS 16 out of the box and the experience is just the same as the one I had on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with just one exception – the Dynamic Island. This small pill shaped thing is like an organism that works with apps and several iPhone features to enhance the multitasking experience. So far, I have only seen it expand while unlocking with Face ID, playing music on Apple Music, and authenticating via Face ID in 3rd party apps. Limited at the moment but this holds a lot of potential.

Then there’s the general performance, which is honestly no different than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. I am yet to gauge what the A16 Bionic can do but theoretically, there’s good news.

Lastly, the cameras; mainly the 48MP main camera. A few quick photos around the office revealed slightly notable differences with regards to details, especially when compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The new 2x crop-based zoom is another useful feature while doing still photos. Plus, there’s a lot of post processing happening in the photos. Good or bad? We will have to see.

iPhone 14 Pro Max First Impressions

One of the sole reasons from many to consider the iPhone 14 Pro Max is its Dynamic Island – it masks the cutouts nicely but adds an utility factor. Beyond that, the Pro Max has newer cameras that should help with superior still photos. Additionally, the A16 Bionic offers slightly more margin with regards to performance than its A15 Bionic-equipped iPhone 14 versions. And, you still get the same reliable iPhone experience as always.

Is this worth buying then? Who should upgrade? Are iPhone 13 Pro buyers missing out on anything? Our full review will make it all clear.


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