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Avatar: Generations Soft Launch Coming This August on iOS and Android

Coming to four territories during its initial launch.
Publisher Square Enix London Mobile and partner studio Navigator Games announced an upcoming soft launch for Avatar: Generations, a brand-new mobile game based on the highly popular Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise. Avatar: Generations will release on both Android and iOS in certain territories sometime this August, with more regions to be added in the months to follow.

Avatar: Generations is a turn-based RPG, completely free-to-play, and featuring many fan-favorite characters from the franchise’s history. This particular game is based on the original Avatar: The Last Airbender series that aired on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008, and as such the first chapter is confirmed to feature characters, including Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, and Zuko, as well as animal companions Appa and Momo. This chapter will follow the story of Aang, the titular last Airbender, as he tries to fulfill his destiny as the Avatar, master of all four elements.

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Square Enix London Mobile also confirmed future expansions of the game that will further extend the lore of the Avatar franchise. These will be set across the many timelines of the Four Nations, and feature mythical characters such as Avatar Kyoshi, Korra, Roku, and many more. As a turn-based RPG, Avatar: Generations will come with squad-based battles and unique adventure sequences featuring your favorite Avatar characters, with players able to recruit more exciting heroes as the game progresses to fully realize their full potential. The game will follow both the original story that many fans love, as well as brand-new side stories that further develop the Avatar universe.

Avatar: Generations will be available in four markets on launch: Canada, Denmark, South Africa, and Sweden. It’s not exactly clear why North American territories were not included in the soft launch, although we can only hope to see it added alongside more countries as the months progress. While not much else has been revealed in terms of pre-registration details or the exact release timing later this month, you can check out a teaser website for Avatar: Generations here and wait for further information in the coming weeks.

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