Bank credit grows by 13.3%, deposits by 9.7% in fortnight ended on July 1


Bank credit grew by 13.29 per cent to Rs 123.81 lakh crore and deposits by 9.77 per cent to Rs 169.61 lakh crore in the fortnight ended on July 1, RBI data showed.

In the fortnight ended June 2, 2021, bank advances stood at Rs 109.28 lakh crore and deposits at Rs 154.51 lakh crore, according to the Scheduled Banks’ Statement of Position in India as on July 1, 2022, released on Thursday.

In the fortnight ended June 17, 2022, bank credit grew by 8.31 per cent and deposits by 12.05 per cent.

In FY22, bank credit rose by 8.59 per cent and deposits by 8.94 per cent.

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