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Best 15 Minecraft Base Ideas For 2022

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We love Minecraft here, so here is another Minecraft guide that we will showcase. This time, we will touch on 15 of the best Minecraft base ideas you should try building. Keep on reading. 

Minecraft has always been something of an enigma in the world of gaming. That is not an overstatement or an understatement. It might have fallen out of the limelight around 2013 if you can remember, but the game has since been given a new lease on life, attracting both old and new players with various adjustments, additions, and absolutely massive content patches. 

If you categorize yourself as an older and returning player that has not touched the game in years, it is pretty easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that the game developers have added. But even with all these new additions, it is the same game. You mine and craft.

Building Your Minecraft Base

Building that first Minecraft base is a crucial step in making the world your own. But some people, let us admit it, have issues visualizing what they want, making it helpful to get some help, if not a flat-out tutorial. 

These 15 Minecraft base ideas may not be the biggest or the coolest Minecraft builds, but these should definitely help you get started on your survival base.

15 Awesome Minecraft Base Ideas

Ultimate Survival Base

First up is the so-called Ultimate Survival Base by disruptive builds. While it may seem a tad large at first, the simple yet all-inclusive layout makes it perfect for the early game, where you are just getting off your feet and easy to expand on later. There is also a Great Library version of this base which you should check out. 

Large Underground Base

Up next is a circular and semi-underground base by YouTuber moby-dick, who was even thoughtful enough, take note, to include the number of materials required, and we thank them for that. This one, however, takes some time and some excavation but takes advantage of Minecraft’s verticality to really get the most out of whatever space you choose to construct in. 

Modern Secret Base

Secret bases are so interesting when built, and WiederDude perfectly designed this modern secret base. You may not be a fan of modern-styled houses in Minecraft, but you will most definitely love the color scheme provided by nether quartz and other darker colors. For those terrible at redstone, it is a good thing that the hiding mechanism itself is rather simple. 

Another Ultimate Survival Base Idea

There are several different Ultimate Survival Base ideas in Minecraft, and this one is a must-have. Same as the circular base earlier, here is another one by Reimiho. Instead of spending time excavating a huge portion of land, this build takes even further advantage of the verticality of the game. It focuses on utilizing materials that are easy to obtain while remaining compact. Leaving the ground floor as-is also allows for easy access to farmland, making way for an easy food source early on. 

Secret Underground Base

This is the combination of a secret base and an underground base. Another build by disruptive builds, this can take up several resources and time. But in exchange, you will have a nifty hiding mechanism and everything you need, from animal pens to an auto-smelting center. Try this today. 

Cottagecore Survival Base

If you are an avid reader of PVP Live articles, you have read the term “cottagecore,” and we are applying it to Minecraft bases this time. This, meanwhile, is an elven, cottagecore style base by PlatinumThief. While it is the most petite build so far, it is also the least resource intensive – of course – making this ideal for players just starting out. The creator’s use of different stone types gives it a rustic aesthetic, and there is even a farm build onto the side of this Minecraft house too. 

Ultimate Survival Tower Base

Are you a fan of tower bases? Then, you will surely appreciate this. ItsMarloe’s tower base takes the verticality of previous builds and cranks it up to 10. While this is larger, making it more resource- and time-intensive, it makes up for it with straightforward access to an enchanting room, a nether portal, and farmland surrounding the tower’s base. 

Large Oak Survival Base

Coming in as the biggest base so far, Juns Mab Architecture Tutorial shows off this survival base built almost entirely out of oak logs. As large as it seems, the four-corner copy-and-paste design makes it easy to create, and the bamboo forest in the center really gives it a more natural feel than other, more modern designs. 

Underground Survival Bunker

Compared to the other base ideas on this rundown, this features the most in-depth guide so far. Spudetti’s Underground Bunker tutorial may be more than an hour long, but it is worth the watch. Also, while it is not hidden, such as the previous ones, this build offers a sizable living area, complete with a crafting area and a large crop farming space. 

Awesome Survival Base

There is no other word to describe this survival base but “awesome,” and it is. The tutorial may be a two-part mini-series, but fWhip’s design has a little bit of everything. It is a big castle-style living area with massive farmland surrounding it and a small coastal village. This build is on the bigger side, but it is worth the investment and is easily expanded upon. 

Desert Underground Base

This Minecraft base stands out from the others because it is the only biome-specific base here. ToxicKailey’s desert base has some really incredible design elements. Constructed around an oasis-style center, this base features a desert-temple village atmosphere, complete with vicious guards and a small marketplace. Thankfully, despite its size, it is built mainly out of sandstone, something easily obtained in a desert setting. 

Efficient Survival Base

This survival base by IrieGenie lives up to its name. It is efficient. It keeps all the necessities within proximity to each other, and while the house portion of the base is constructed on a raised platform, this setup takes full advantage of the real estate below. Thus, it is able to offer a substantial farming area and an easily accessible smelting and crafting area. 

The PERFECT Minecraft Base

More than the size, ShulkerCraft’s “perfect Minecraft base” focuses on automating as many tasks as possible. While small at first, being built on a mountain makes this base easily customizable and expandable. It also has an auto-dispensing system, allowing the player to completely focus on whatever task may be in front of them. 

Smaller Survival Base

Boasting a circular base format is Balzy’s own take on such a Minecraft base. Instead of stone or wood, this base mainly has glass walls, allowing the gamer to admire whatever they may build in the surrounding area. The farm area, meanwhile, has been placed above, keeping it away from any pesky mobs that may try to trample it. 

Mountain Survival Base

Finally, we got the Mountain Survival Base by TheMythicalSausage. They take full advantage of the mountain-type base, building both in excavated portions of the mountain, and manually-created platforms and crevices. The result is the blending of the natural mountain face with man-made structures, giving it a charming, mountain city-style appearance.

As mentioned earlier, these are only 15 of the best Minecraft base ideas. There are so many Minecraft base ideas out there for you to choose from, and these are just a few of the best ones available. 

We hope this article has inspired you to either begin building your own base or add some new ideas to an existing Minecraft base. Feel free to share and re-post this article with your friends and relatives. 

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