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Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases 2022

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Just as small upgrades add up to a major improvement for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, small refinements in design and execution make cases for the Z Fold 4 much better than the previous generation. Cases that protect the outer hinge are much more prevalent, and adhesives have been moved or upgraded to help avoid cases falling off and leaving your phone hanging — or worse, falling to the ground face-first.
From swanky cases that are as prestigious as they are productive to miniature tanks to protect this awesome Android phone, there’s a case for every type of owner here. So please, don’t leave your foldable naked and afraid; peruse the best Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases and give it the security it deserves.
Spigen makes a diverse line of Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases (well, they’re all black, but otherwise distinct), but the Slim Armor Pro takes the cake as the best overall case due to its well-known track record and robust level of protection. This case is heavy-duty without being as much of a tank as its competitors while still offering a Pen slot that isn’t right in the middle of the Fold 4’s back when in tablet mode.

You can easily grab and stow your pen without having to stop what you’re doing or even look away from the screen, which is ideal for those who use the pen in short bursts or more prolifically. And while this case isn’t quite as sleek as the Thin P, it’s still got beefy bumper guards and a multi-layer rotating hinge guard.

Yes, this case won’t lay completely flat on a table while in tablet mode. Instead, the hinge cover becomes a small stand, elevating the angle enough to make it easy to glance out without crushing your neck as much.

The price here is high, that’s undeniable, but Spigen’s offering discounts and coupons to try and help bring it down to more reasonable levels.

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Spigen Slim Armor Pro Pen Edition For Galaxy Z Fold 4
Yes, the Cosmo Series is known for its feminine appeal and distinct marble stylings, but it also gives us the best clear Galaxy Z Fold 4 case. On i-Blason’s website, they call it the Halo, but this is the exact same design and construction as the Cosmo Pro and is called a Cosmo everywhere else. It’s just crystal-clear instead of rose gold and swirled marble.

This case has a rotating flat that covers the Fold 4 when closed, serves as a grip when the phone is open, and stows away that fancy S Pen Fold Edition, so you never forget it. Because it is clear, you can see whether the pen is in or out every time you pick up or open/close the phone.

While it may seem odd to put a $50 case as Value Pick, this is one of those instances it comes down to value for your money, not just pure affordability. Drop-tested against ten-foot impacts, this case won’t just show off your Galaxy Z Fold 4; it’ll genuinely protect it, too.

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i-Blason Cosmo Series Pro / Halo For Galaxy Z Fold 4
Samsung may have included the Standing Cover with S Pen during its preorder period, but it’s not the most refined case in its lineup. For that, we turn to Samsung’s Leather Cover. Most “leather” cases these days are actually polyurethane — they call it vegan leather — Samsung still uses genuine leather for its premium covers.

The Leather Cover for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 might have grabbed the spotlight with its hinge flap that makes it look like a miniature purse, and honestly, I’d love one for the Fold 4 that looks like a billfold and protects more of the phone. Instead, the Fold 4’s cover keeps things simple and dignified without bulking up your already sizable flagship.

We only get two color options this year — Black and Graygreen — to choose from, both of which are dark and lack any bold hues. It’s a shame; an ivory or cream colorway to match the Beige Galaxy Z Fold 4 would have brightened things up, but these colors are at least understated.

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Samsung Leather Cover For Galaxy Fold 4
This is, without a doubt, the most protective Galaxy Z Fold 4 case you can buy today. The Unicorn Beetle Pro Series has been known to survive freeways, rooftop falls, and some breathtaking examples of Murphy’s Law, with up to 20-foot impact resistance and robust bumpers around the screens and cameras.

Like the i-Blason Cosmo Pro, the UB Pro uses its rotating hinge cover as an S Pen slot, allowing it to be stored securely and away from the elements rather than stuck in an open slot like the Spigen Slim Armor Pro. While this makes that hinge guard larger, the grip it creates on the back of the Fold 4 when the main display is open is larger and easier to grab.

While several cases utilize this S Pen slot style, I especially dig Supcase putting a window in the middle. This allows you to see or feel the S Pen inside without having to open it up and see it inside. The window also serves as a push point when getting the pen out, meaning Supcase can make the grips that keep the pen in stronger, so they last longer — some other S Pen cases tend to wear out after a couple of months.

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Supcase UB Pro For Galaxy Z Fold 4
The best way to avoid damaging your $1800 phone is to keep a good grip on it, and no one does a grippy case quite like Incipio. Incipio has refined its shaping and adhesives for its Galaxy Z Fold 4 case, so this one should grip your phone as tightly as you grip the case.

The bumpers of this case are covered with raised, rubberized nubs in the shape of a caltrop (or the edges of a cube’s corner). Rather than just using slim grooves or patterned pads, Incipio’s grips are larger and deeper, allowing you to really dig in and hold tight. (Just be warned, you might get your palms patterned by them when you’re dehydrated.)

The Incipio Grip won’t offer as robust hinge protection, but it will fold flat and sit flat on a table, which is something Supcase’s UB Pro and Spigen’s Slim Armor Pro can’t say. While this case boasts antimicrobial and antibacterial features, please remember that it is not 100% and will not kill COVID.

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Incipio Grip For Galaxy Z Fold 4
The Slim Armor Pro is nice and secure, but there’s no denying that it’s a sizeable case — with a sizeable price tag to match. If you can’t stomach the thought of locking such a beautiful phone inside a tank of a cover, the Spigen Thin Fit P offers grip and scratch protection without turning it into a monster.

You won’t get the same impact resistance from the Thin Fit P, but the lip around the camera and the outer screen is deep, belying the otherwise slim design to keep two of the most important pieces of your phone scratch-free. The S Pen slot means the case will take up a little more space, but it’s slimmer than Samsung’s Standing Cover with S Pen.

The only real knock against this case — other than the price tag — is that it only comes in black. I’ve complained about Spigen’s lack of color countless times, but when you’re spending this much money on a thin case for an $1800 phone, you deserve actual color choices. You used to be colorful and cool, Spigen; what’s with the goth phase?

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Spigen Thin Fit P For Galaxy Z Fold 4
Clear cases let us show off the colors and designs of our favorite phones, but clear Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases have a few more hurdles they usually have to overcome. Adhesive placements and types have to be more particular, and you have fewer options for hinge protection. The Ringke Slim handles these challenges gracefully with an affordable and well-shaped clear case.

Most cases only come in crystal clear, but Ringke offers both Clear and Matte Clear options. The classic clear showcases every curve and detail of the Fold 4, but it can also showcase every fingerprint smudge and bit of pocket list that sneaks its way inside. Matte Clear, on the other hand, obscures the exact details of the phone along with scratches and scuffs your Fold 4 might’ve picked up before you got it covered by a case.

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Ringke Slim For Galaxy Z Fold 4
Urban Armor Gear’s Civilian isn’t slim by any means, but it’s well-cushioned and offers a slim hinge protector without needing a thick flap. The hinge cover here slides into the case’s backplate to let the case sit flat when the main display is open, then slide back out when closed to protect the hinge. This style is used by several brands — Spigen, OtterBox chief among them — but UAG’s version protects more of the hinge, and its thinner material slides more easily than some thicker versions.

Inside, there’s still plenty of room for honeycomb air cushioning, and the sculpting across the back provides grip and a deep ridge around the camera to keep those lenses safe. The color variety here is the standard for the Civilian Series — Black, Mallard Blue, and Olive Green — but I wish we had a bit more variety.

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UAG Civilian For Galaxy Z Fold 4
When most folks think phone protection, they think Otterbox, and rightly so. The Symmetry Series has been one of our go-to’s for years, and this year it’s back in its normal form rather than just a clear series. (What served as the Symmetry Series for the Fold 3 is called the Thin Flex Series this year.)

Cutouts for the power button, USB-C port, and the cameras are all precise, though the USB-C cable port might be a hair small for some of the larger cables and adapters. Otterbox uses a hinge style similar to the UAG Civilian. Still, Otterbox’s is a bit thicker and has a pleasant texture that’s more comfortable to hold when using the outer screen or just taking the phone in and out of your pocket.

These cases are listed as Coming Soon right now, but they should be along shortly.

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Otterbox Symmetry Series Flex For Galaxy Z Fold 4

Choosing the best case the first time for your Galaxy Z Fold 4 is more important than any phone you’ve previously owned because you won’t be able to easily swap between them the way you would on traditional slab phones. Almost all Fold 4 cases require adhesives to stay firmly attached to the phone, and while some cases offer spare adhesive strips in the box, you won’t be able to take it off and reapply it more than once before you run out of strips. Another unfortunate side effect of the Fold 4’s design challenges is that it drives us case prices.
It’s not uncommon for Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases to start in the $50 range and work their way up. I can’t blame manufacturers for the price hike, given that foldable adoption is still low — and nearly 75% of it is Flip sales, not Fold — but buying multiple cases can get quite expensive quickly. It’s all the more reason to buy an exemplary case on the first go, and you can’t go wrong with the offerings from Spigen, i-Blason, and UAG.
The Spigen Slim Armor Pro Pen Edition and i-Blason Cosmo Pro both come with S Pen slots, though the types vary quite a bit. Spigen’s slot is easier to reach while the main screen is open, but the i-Blason’s rotating holder keeps your Pen better protected from whatever residue is in your pocket or purse. It comes down to choice — though price is also a factor, given the Cosmo Pro is half the price of the Spigen.
The hinge cover style on the UAG Civilian Series and OtterBox Symmetry Series Flex is being adopted by more and more cases this year because they give you the best of both worlds: you get the flat profile when open but also get some kind of scratch and impact protection when closed. The UAG wins out for more reasonable prices and a livelier look, but the color selection for the OtterBox might be worth the upgrade for some.
Once you’ve got your case selected, a few parting tips:

  • Please read the entire instructions before beginning installation. Again, these cases are more complex (and often more fragile), so installation instructions can vary dramatically.
  • Be sure to diligently clean the sides and back of your case before attempting to apply a case. Again, we’re dealing with adhesives, so if the phone’s dirty, the strips will stick to the dirt/dust/oils/dead skin cells instead of your phone, which leads to unexpected (and expensive) drops when the tape fails.
  • Once your case application is complete, put the phone down and leave it be for a while so the adhesive can bond in peace. My general rule of thumb is to leave it for an hour, but the longer, the better.

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