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Best Sci-Fi Games You Can Play On Android Devices

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The war between the PC master race and the console overlords has been something that has sparked debates on social media forums. As the gap between them narrows down, fans have been nitpicking key areas that would put their faction one step above the other. While this has been a story since the mid-2000s, a new group has quietly emerged out of the shadows.

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Ever since Android OS took over the mobile market, the little green alien has given rise to a new faction of gamers, and their numbers have grown over the past five years. With such room for opportunities, developers have been innovative in bringing life and color to these gaming souls with games spanning various genres. One such gaming genre that seems to do well on the Android platform is sci-fi.


10 Xcom

The Xcom franchise from 2K games was showered with all laurels and good things upon its initial release for PC and consoles. The strong storyline was one of the significant hook points in arguably one of the best turn-based tactical games ever released. The mods from the community made them even more fun.

A few years down the line, and just when the game was lost to time to be a fragment of a long-lived childhood, the makers reworked the game for the android platform. The game handles almost as smoothly as the PC and console versions and is still refreshing and fun to play!

9 Space Rangers

Space Rangers is sci-fi, Role-playing single player game developed by SNK Games and published by 1C Company. The game is a subtle mix of No man’s sky with Guardians of the Galaxy but stands out as an original in its own way.

The game lets the players choose a spaceship of their choice. One among a beginner’s list, with each equipped with particular traits, weapons, mods and abilities. Once aboard the ship, the main objective is to clear out quests on a portion of the galactic map, after which the players are open to expanding to new horizons. Space Battles, Random events and leveling up in space guarantee a Sci Fi gaming experience to sink hours into.

8 Machinarium

As far as long as one can remember, the closest things that have been associated with sci-fi are robots. One such game that brings back the steampunk robot vibes is Machinarium. The story follows a robot named Joseph who goes through levels of Steam punkish locations to find his girlfriend.

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Developed by Amanita games, the story is told through a touch and point game style. The game does well to carry itself from a visual standpoint and has little to no words speaking its mind out. A weird, well-crafted love story beyond leaps and bounds.

7 Neon Chrome

In a pool of relaxing android games, Neon Chrome takes itself a little too seriously. The action-packed shooter from 10tons is set in the dystopian future where everything is controlled by the iron grip of the corporate’s hands.

Released in 2016, the game has distinct originality despite taking inspiration from the 80s idea of a sci-fi future. As the name suggests, the game takes to a very neonish future which gives a cyberpunk – ghost in a shell blend kind of vibes and is high on full-on neon laser fights and explosives.

6 Morphite

Morphite is as close as No Man’s Sky for the Android platform. Developed by a trio of game developers – Crescent Moon Games, We’re Five Games, and Blowfish Studios, the game was released in 2017, and the dismal performance of No Man’s Sky was Morphite’s success.

Exploring new planets, finding rich environments, and exotic alien life has always been the root layer of sci-fi journeys. This game excels at it. The minimalist boxy graphics and smooth gameplay make it an adventure to carry in a pocket.

5 Out There

“Out there” lets the players forge a journey across space on their own terms. The game from Mi-Clos was released in 2014 and had unbelievable success forcing the developers to make a version for mainstream platforms.

The players take control of an astronaut lost in space, trying to get back home. The vast void of space is daunting, and exploring it to the deepest depths has never been more fun. Bumping into new characters, first encounters with extraterrestrials and finding new ways to die are things that make this game a must-try!

4 Star Wars: Knight Of The Old Republic

This would be quite a trip down memory lane to anyone and everyone who has played the OG Star Wars game of the 2000s. The Knights of the old republic [KOTR] was initially released in 2003 based on the spin-off comics of the same name. The franchise’s fans still hold the game in high regard, with some calling it the best game of the entire series.

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The players take on the role of a Jedi with a lousy memory working his way through the force’s callings. The game does carry a price, but fans of the original might agree that the game is still worth the investment.

3 Ticket To Earth

The game takes place on a planet far away on a future timeline. The game is entertaining and has a gripping story that narrates through its puzzler genre. Quests involving prison breaks, corruption, mutant insects and fearsome robots played through different characters form the main essence of Ticket to Earth.

The game is all about setting the strategy right. The turn-based puzzles are intriguing, and the decisions lead to challenges, more evildoers to take down or even getting eaten by a giant insect. Puzzles and Actions, a match made in space indeed!

2 Lifeline

An astronaut has been stranded on a moon, and it is up to the player to guide him to survival and maybe find an end that would do a heart’s content. Although it does not have a graphic or visual representation of the narrative, the to and fro conversation keeps the player glued to the drama.

With a conversational tone, the player plays out the game as a real-time event while building on the conversations over the course of time. As a result, the game needs all the player’s decision-making skills, patience, and endurance to keep the astronaut alive.

1 Eve Echoes

Released in 2020, the game has seen close to 5 million subscribers playing the online game. The game enjoys a loyal fan base and has quickly developed itself as an android sci-fi game hard to ignore. The players are to choose a faction and begin their journey across space.

Taking cues from Space Rangers (or maybe not), the gameplay offers players the to explore the uncharted regions of space, upgrade their ships, trade with other factions/players and earn a rightful place among the business. The game is free to play with in-app purchases, optional to the player’s requirements.

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