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Beware! China rocket debris to fall on Earth TODAY big danger for everyone! Check time, other details here

The Aerospace Corporation has predicted that a big Chinese rocket is likely to fall to earth today at around 11:35 pm. Check details here.

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A big Chinese rocket is likely to crash back to Earth today, July 30, according to the information provided by the Aerospace Corporation. The reentry of the CZ5B rocket is said to happen on July 30, 2022 at 18:05 UTC +/- 5 hours (11:35 pm IST +/- 5 hours). Informing about the same The Aerospace Corporation tweeted, “Our latest prediction for #CZ5B rocket body reentry is: 30 Jul 2022 18:16 UTC ± 5 hours Reentry will be along one of the ground tracks shown here. It is still too early to determine a meaningful debris footprint. Follow this page for updates:”

The Aerospace Corporation in a series of tweets gave further insights about the rocket and the orbital debris. Here is all you need to know about the crash.

Will the Long March 5B rocket stage survive?

According to the information provided by Aerospace Corporation, it is expected that about 5 to 9 metric tons of the object will reach the ground. “The general rule of thumb is that 20–40% of the mass of a large object will reach the ground, but the exact number depends on the design of the object. In this case, we would expect about five to nine metric tons. Generally, for an upper stage, we see small and medium tanks survive more or less intact, and large engine components. The large tanks and the skin of this core stage are likely to come apart. We will also see lightweight items such as insulation fall out. The melting point of the materials used will make a difference in what remains,” it said in a report.

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How to read debris predictions?

For the current Long March 5B reentry, experts at Aerospace’s Center for Orbital Reentry and Debris Studies (CORDS) are monitoring its journey using sophisticated modeling to predict when and where the 22-ton piece of space debris will crash to earth. The yellow satellite icon indicates the center of the reentry window, the blue track is the first half of the window, and the yellow track is the second half. The final reentry location for the current Long March 5B will be displayed once it has reentered.

Are reentries visible to people from the ground?

Reentries can be visible from the ground if they hit in the right place and at the right time. If the reentry happens over the ocean or an unpopulated region of land it is unlikely people can see it. If it happens over a populated region, it helps if it’s dark. The darkness makes it easier to see the pieces of debris because they tend to be glowing from their hot descent from space.

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