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BotKube: Kubeshop acquires majority stake in InfraCloud’s OSS product BotKube


DELHI/PUNE: Kubeshop, an accelerator for open-source startups has acquired a majority stake in the very popular Kubernetes ChatOps product called BotKube. BotKube, is an open-source product developed by InfraCloud which monitors Kubernetes clusters and helps with interactive debugging.
InfraCloud Technologies is a Kubernetes focused B2B Open Source Cloud Native Computing company that has been building products, services, and solutions to modernize applications and infrastructure. InfraCloud has grown 4x in the last 2 years and has been investing in building innovative Open Source products which will accelerate cloud adoption.

In a statement, Vishal Biyani, CTO & Founder at InfraCloud, said, “This is a validation of InfraCloud’s strategy to build Open Source Products that help end-users with adopting Kubernetes.”

Kubeshop is Kubernetes accelerator building tool for developers in cloud-native space which is backed by Insight Partners and Ratmir Temashev. With this majority stake, BotKube will have access to capital, people, network, and expertise to grow its community and user base.
“Helping BotKube grow made perfect sense to us – making the Kubernetes journey simpler and easier for developers, DevOps engineers, and teams is our main mission,” said Kubeshop CEO Dmitry Fonarev, in a statement.

A large number of companies have accelerated their digital transformation projects leading to increased use of containers to deploy applications. Kubernetes, an OSS project by Google, is an orchestration platform which manages the lifecycle of containers and has become the Linux for the cloud. Gartner predicts by the end of 2022, 75% of organisations will be running containerised applications and hence the demand for Kubernetes.

Girish Shilamkar, CEO & Founder at InfraCloud, commented, “The acquisition of BotKube further demonstrates our ability to build innovative and customer-centric products and services in the Kubernetes ecosystem to drive cloud adoption.”

InfraCloud is uniquely positioned to be a major player in the Kubernetes ecosystem because of its deep expertise in Kubernetes and culture of innovation. This majority stake is testimony to InfraCloud’s strategy and expertise in cloud-native technologies.

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