Genshin Impact Mod Brings GTA’s CJ Into Teyvat

Surprise surprise – a new Genshin Impact mod has turned the game’s usual player character into none other than GTA San Andreas’s fan favorite character, CJ. At this point, what game hasn’t had CJ modded into it? We’ve seen CJ mods for Stray (yes, as the cat) and fighting games like Tekkan, but now the icon has made his way into Teyvat.

Modders have always been trying to find ways to change the standard gameplay experience. Yes, many develop mods for graphics or performance improvements, but many explore the boundaries of character creation with model replacements. As a result, modders can create wonderfully ridiculous situations – like CJ in Genshin Impact.


Genshin Impact is a bright and colorful world of high fantasy – not one that you’d find hardened characters like CJ in. Combining two very different games, the resulting mod is equal parts hilarious and impressive.

GTA San Andreas Puts CJ In Genshin Impact In New Mod

In a video that quickly went viral, CJ is seen performing a number of Genshin Impact character animations in the game. His modern outfit is in stark contrast to the fantastical environment around him, but he seems right at home using the game’s Elemental Burst attacks.

Youuber MrQuik17 credits fellow creator DiXiao with the Ak model, but they themselves imported the CJ model into the game. Watch the full clip down below:

In the clip, CJ cycles through some of Zhongli’s idle animations. The cool-and-collected vibe of Zhongli’s aniamtions fit perfectly for CJ, making him almsot seem natural in the game. Then, he pulls out an AK to shoot some Genshin Impact “arrows.” Because of course he does. The GTA San Andreas theme song blasts in the background, adding CJ flair to Genshin Impact.

Even cooler, he then proceeds to cycle through a number of Elemental Burst abilities. He uses Childe’s riptide, Venti’s whirlwind, and even Zhongli’s meteoric burst. Additionally, he performs Ayato, Itto, Razor, and Albedo’s elemental bursts as well. Which one do you think suits him best?

Genshin Impact has recently seen an increase in the number of character mods out there – so who knows, maybe you’ll see your next fave marching about Teyvat too!

In the meantime, Genshin Impact is available to play on PC, mobile, PS4, and PS5.

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