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Google Calendar app officially removing ‘Goals’ [U]

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Back in April of 2016, Google updated Calendar for Android and iOS with a tool to help you find time for personal goals. Amid another upcoming removal, Google Calendar is planning to get rid of “Goals.”

Update 8/24: As we reported at the start of this month, Google Calendar “Goals” are officially going away. A new notice in the Android and iOS app tells users to “Create an event instead” and a support article explains how “existing goals will remain on your calendar but won’t repeat anymore” in November 2022. At that point, you can’t create new goals and the option will presumably disappear from the FAB. 

The following alternatives are offered by Google:

Original 8/3: “Goal” appears in the mobile FAB (Floating Action Button) list alongside “Event,” “Task,” “Reminder,” and “Out of office” (on Workspace accounts). Tapping prompts you to choose a goal: 
  • Exercise: Run, do yoga, get your body moving
  • Build a skill: Learn a language, practice an instrument
  • Family & friends: Make time for those who matter most
  • Me time: Read, meditate, take care of yourself
  • Organize my life: Stay on top of things

After choosing and specifying the activity (or selecting “Custom”), Calendar asks “How often” with several increments and “For how long.” Google then has you pick the “Best time”: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, or Any time.

After confirming the Goal’s parameters, Google finds time and places events (with a unique flag icon) in your Calendar, while noting it will “learn your preferences.” Event pages feature goal rings, while you could receive “Smart notifications” before and after a session to “help you prepare and track progress.” 

Version 2022.30.2 of Google Calendar for Android is rolling out today and readies a deprecation prompt:

<string name=”habits_deprecation_banner_title”>Goals is leaving Calendar soon</string>

Google explains that “You’ll still see goals you’ve created on your calendar, but they won’t repeat anymore.” It recommends creating recurring events “to keep track of your goals.” 

<string name=”habits_deprecation_banner_learn_more”>Learn more about Goals alternatives</string>

<string name=”habits_deprecation_banner_button_text”>Create an event instead</string>

This removal, in the context of Reminders, is not surprising as Google works to make Calendar a focused Workspace product. That said, for a time in 2016 – fun fact: a Nexus 6P is the device seen in the top cover image – Calendar wanted to lean into personal productivity and time management. For modern Google, that would probably be an Assistant capability.

Speaking of Reminders, the app continues tweaking strings for that eventual phase out and transition to Google Tasks. This update, which is not yet widely rolled out, also features work on expanding Google Workspace’s Client-side encryption option for enterprises to Calendar (for events) after launching in Drive and Docs/Sheets/Slides.

<string name=”event_encrypted_details”>The description, attachments, and Google Meet video conferencing have additional encryption</string>

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