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Google Pixel 6a display can ACTUALLY do 90Hz refresh rate but Google doesn’t want it

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Google Pixel 6a display can actually support refresh rates of 90Hz but has been limited by software, finds a developer. Here are all the details.

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Google Pixel 6a has a display that could support a refresh rate of 90Hz but Google doesn’t want it to happen. A developer recently developed a custom ROM for the Pixel 6a with a modified display driver, allowing the phone’s display to run with a refresh rate of 90Hz. 90Hz does not seem like a lot in an age where phones are moving to 144Hz but compared to the laggy 60Hz on the Pixel 6a’s display, it is a pleasure for the eyes.

Developer Nathan (@TheLunarixus) has developed a new ROM for the Pixel 6a that manages to unlock the faster 90Hz refresh rate. This goes on to prove the rumours that the Pixel 6a uses the same OLED display as the Pixel 6, and it is up to Google to unlock this simple feature. It is said that the Samsung panel used in the Pixel 6a can actually support up to 120Hz of refresh rate.

Pixel 6a can do 90Hz of refresh rate

Hence, it seems that with a simple tweak, Google could enable the higher 90Hz refresh rate. However, the Pixel 6a still stays happy with 60Hz and that has annoyed many users around the world. We ourselves have the Pixel 6a under evaluation at the moment and the 60Hz refresh rate display seems laggy when compared to the 120Hz displays you find in similarly priced phones.

While this could be a product centric decision to not cannibalize the sales of the more expensive Pixel 6, markets like India could benefit from getting the 90Hz refresh rate, considering that we don’t get the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro here.

This, however, is not a big deal in the larger scheme of things. Pixel 6a users have complained of the fingerprint scanner reading unregistered fingerprints and unlocking the devices. This has led to a major security concerns, and with no face unlock present here, buyers are having to rely on passcodes or passwords.

Other than these issues, the Pixel 6a has been found to be a reliable midrange phone for less than Rs. 45,000. The Pixel 6a uses the flagship Tensor chipset along with a dual camera system on the back, comprising of 12MP sensors for the main and ultra-wide cameras. It even has the same Pixel 6 design, although the rear is made of plastic instead of glass. The 4500mAh battery is decent although the 18W charging is slow by all means.

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