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GOP senators side with Big Pharma on insulin price gouging: Letters

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By refusing to cap insulin cost, GOP sides with Big Pharma over Americans

Aug. 9 — To the Editor:

Ever wonder what the Republican Party stands for these days? Well, your wait for an answer is over. 

The skyrocketing cost of insulin has made the headlines for months. It was also made clear that there was no reason for the big increases in insulin’s cost except price gouging. This is a drug diabetics must have to live! And there are 37 million diabetics in the United States. Many families have to choose between food or electricity and insulin

This week the Democrats brought a bill to the floor of the senate that would cap the monthly cost of Insulin at $35. Big Pharma was against it! Big surprise. But, so were 43 Republican senators! They were able to block the legislation. Big Pharma is happy. 

So, now you know what the Republican Party stands for: Big Pharma! They also stand for Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Guns — but we won’t go into that here. And while they scream “socialism” for every piece of legislation Democrats propose and promote to help citizens, they are willing to let people die who can’t afford the jacked-up prices of their medicine!

Michael Frandzel


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Making State Street a single lane of traffic might be better solution

Aug. 9 — To the Editor:

Perhaps rather than changing State Street to two-way traffic, we should consider reducing it to a single lane. It might be a simple intermediate option to try without making drastic changes. It’s tight squeezing two lanes between Pleasant and the bridge anyways.

Christopher Murch


Inflation and our Ukrainian sacrifice 

July 2 — To the Editor                                                                           

I recently returned from the wedding of my nephew which took place in Europe.  While there I asked a few people about the high inflation in Europe (~9%) and the Russian-Ukrainian war. Everyone was seriously concerned about the impacts of the war, but were less worried about the inflation. No one was blaming their country’s leaders for the inflation.  They seemed to agree with most economists worldwide (including our Federal Reserve Chair Powell) that this worldwide inflation had multiple drivers, but that the economies of both the United States and Europe were in strong fiscal shape and should weather this temporary storm.

Drivers of the inflation that have been identified include: the pandemic recession and the recovery from that recession, supply-chain disruptions, gouging by the oil and gas companies, consumers driving up demand without adequate supply available and finally the Russian-Ukrainian war which has disrupted the world economy and resulted in sharp price increase for energy and food.       

Most Americans have not experienced such high inflation in their lives and while willing to complain about it, are unsure what can be done. We have also never experienced being invaded by a foreign power or governed by one, as is now occurring in Ukraine.  Most of us admire the bravery and determination of the Ukrainian people to defend their country and wonder what we can do to help.  Maybe we should see our battle with inflation, as our modest contribution to supporting Ukraine (a small sacrifice by comparison).  We need not feel guilty for not donating more for Ukrainian causes, if we can’t afford to do that. Our country is already contributing (through our tax dollars) significant defensive weapons and other supplies. But if you can donate to this cause, no need to do much searching: the United Nations Refugee Agency is the largest and most effective organization to consider.                    

In addition, perhaps we can use the high inflation prices as a learning experience for our families, and especially our children, to develop useful skills.  How can we live with this inflation?

Here are a few suggestions:

1) Drive fewer miles and drive more slowly (closer to the speed limit).

2) Set your AC for a higher temperature, and your hot water heater at a lower 120F.

3) Do most wash in cold water.

4) Eat out less.

5) Use home-made meals as a family strengthening tool.

6) Buy less and postpone non-essential purchases for six months until there is more supply, and prices are lower. 

By driving down demand for products and services and adjusting our lives to the current situation, we can contribute to driving down inflation. We should see this opportunity as the sacrifice that we can make, which pales in comparison to what the Ukrainian people must endure. This situation is a global one, and no one political leader is either responsible for it, nor can they solve it by themselves.  That is why we should also do our part.  

NH Rep. Peter Somssich


Our democracy needs its defenders to act now

Aug. 10 — To the Editor:

If this Republican and “Free Stater” trend, to privatize and Christianize public education at the American taxpayer’s expense (estimated at $8 million to $12 million to date) continues. … America as we now know it will no longer exist. Education is the cornerstone of our unique democracy!

Democrats, Independents (undeclared), and shell-shocked Republicans…get off the couch and do something to support Democrats at every level of government to reclaim our democracy. You can do it by: writing letters to the editor; sending candidates donations; telling your friends and families why you are supporting such candidates; putting up lawn signs; sharing your political support philosophy on social media; making phone calls for candidates; knocking on doors … canvassing your neighborhood!

At every level of government national and local, for every candidate up and down the ballot, the Sept. 13 primary and Nov. 8 general elections will largely help set a corrective course that will blunt and hopefully demolish authoritarian efforts in New Hampshire and our country, and get us back on a path to:

Civility in our discourse.

Community focus in our lives.

Making sure every vote counts.

Fairness and equality in our legislation.

Reinforce our constitutional principles as Abraham Lincoln alluded in his Gettysburg Address: “and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”.

Herb Moyer


Northern New England Military Retiree Activity Day is Aug. 27 in Concord

Aug. 6 — To the Editor:

The Northern New England Retiree Councils and the New Hampshire National Guard will host the 24th Annual Northern New England Military Retiree Activity Day (RAD), at the NH National Guard Army Aviation Support Facility, 26 Regional Drive, Concord, New Hampshire on Saturday, Aug. 27. This event is held in cooperation with Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, New Hampshire National Guard and the Army Retiree Councils from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The purpose of the event is to give New England military retirees from all branches of service, as well as gray area retirees and family members, an opportunity to gather the latest information on benefits and services that are available to them.

Military retirees and their spouses from all of the northern New England states are invited to attend this informative and entertaining event. We invite you to join us with a display and or information describing your services to military retirees. Tables should be set by 8 a.m. and remain until 1 p.m.

Coffee and light pastries will be available in the morning, and a light lunch will be served starting at 11:30. Feel free to contact me if further information is needed at [email protected]

CSM (retired) Michael F. Rice 


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