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GTA 6: Leak reveals new game expansion

There is a lot of hype around GTA 6 and a massive load of information about the game isn’t even confirmed by Rockstar or Take-Two.

Just last month a Bloomberg report revealed details about the game and we are yet to see it being confirmed, so if the plan is to get the gaming community excited through leaks, then it is working!

We are yet to receive an official debut date, all we know for now is that the game is currently in development. Take-Two even added that it is “well underway,” which could possibly mean that we should expect it quite soon.

Now, that’s the only piece of information that has been confirmed by the developers, we are currently relying on leaks.

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Leak reveals new GTA 6 expansion

The rumour mill has once again provided the gaming world with another leak. We’ve recently seen leaks about a new lead, now we are seeing leaks on the game’s new cities, a new DLC, and a map.

This was shared on a GTAForums post, the insider shared that scrapped locations will be making a comeback, and Rockstar will revert to how they planning GTA 5’s story DLC.

“The expanding over time means Rockstar will go back to how they were planning future content before GTA Online success boomed. When GTA V was released, development on SP DLC already started before release. That’s how we found out about the audio files mentioning the Casino opening soon and other activities.” the insider said.

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Most leaks surrounding GTA have been coming from reputable sources, this insider, Tez2, is said to have reported on remakes of GTA 4 and Red Redemption, via Dexterto. So, these leaks may be true.

Tez2 continued “Additionally, Liberty City was being ported to V, but at very early stages of development. Both projects have been scrapped, of course, back in 2015.” adding that “The first wave of “new cities and missions” we will receive as DLC will definitely be planned out before VI releases. And Rockstar will be able to allocate resources towards whatever new title they will work on after VI release.”

Again, this is all unconfirmed information, as soon as Rockstar and Take-Two release information, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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