GTA creator claims Rockstar put copyright strikes on prototype videos

Dailly says Rockstar is “issuing copyright strikes to any GTA video they can find – including both my prototype videos. So now they’re trying to block all release of anyone’s work on a game – and any old development footage.” According to PCGamer, the two videos shared on Dailly’s YouTube channel showed renders of prototype graphics styles for GTA that he worked on in the early 1990s. The videos showed rotating isometric prototype and a top-down prototype of buildings and streets in a city. There was also footage of an old beta of Grand Theft Auto. When PCGamer reached out to Dailly, he said the “reason for the takedown was posting development footage without permission.”

Dailly has now removed all GTA related stuff from his social media handles. He said, “I’ve now removed all GTA dev stuff. Only direct examples of my own work are left – work that was never used in GTA, but “inspired” parts of its evolution.” Dailly further added, “Developers should always be allowed to show their work, especially works that are 28 years old!” Dailly wanted to share even more designs and documents from early GTA games including a design recommendations document, but isn’t doing so to protect himself from Rockstar’s legal team.

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