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GTA Online prize and podium ride explored August 25-31, 2022

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GTA Online fans will find new offers, bonuses, and discounts upon logging in today. They will also be able to try their luck and apply their skills to take home the new prize, and podium rides.

The Diamond Casino podium vehicle for this week is the super classy Enus Paragon R. Meanwhile, car fanatics over at the Los Santos Car Meet will be able to compete for the legendary BF Club.

GTA Online players have a good spread this week

Traffic outside the Diamond Casino will be a nightmare all week long as the podium vehicle is a great one this time. The Enus Paragon R is a grand tourer categorized as a sports car in GTA Online.

The Slamtruck over at the Los Santos Car Meet features the BF Club. Compact racing fans and car fanatics who love the good ol’ days will surely want to win this. They must finish within the top four sports in LS Car Meet Series Races for four days.

Enus Paragon R


As looks can tell, the Enus Paragon R is based on the classy Bentley Continental GT (2018). However, it also borrows minute styling cues from other great cars like the BMW M3, M4, Porsche 991, and Lagonda Taraf.

Housing the same engine as the Continental GT, the Paragon sports a W16 with an 8-speed gearbox that powers all the wheels. The sports coupe can reach top speeds of up to 123.25 mph and complete a Broughy lap within 1:02.229. It is an excellent amalgamation of luxury and sports classes.

The Paragon R sports many different cosmetic customization options as well. Gearheads will be pleased to see the numerous options under hoods, bumpers, spoilers, and liveries.

BF Club


The BF Club may not look very stylish or modern, but it holds a special place in the hearts of all GTA Online fans. Players first experienced this zippy compact with CJ in San Andreas.

There is no hiding the fact that the BF Club is heavily based on the Volkswagen Golf MK I. Surprisingly enough, the front end is inspired by the first generation Ford Fiesta XR2.

For current generation gamers, the BF Club is the fastest compact in a straight line (112.5 mph) and around the track (1:06.968). In the Expanded and Enhanced version, however, the HSW Brioso R/A trumps the Club by quite a large margin.

Customization-wise, the BF Club goes all out as the cosmetic upgrades available with this compact are endless. GTA Online players wanting to show off their rides at car meets can use this.

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