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Head back to school with a new Amazon Kindle for up to $50 off

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Get a read on these e-reader deals

Are you an avid reader? Have you thought about making the switch from paper to e-reader? Amazon isn’t in the habit of discounting its Kindles often — we’ve got our thoughts on the best Kindle out there, by the way — but you might just be in luck if you act fast for these deals on the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis just in time for the new school year.

Amazon is taking $30 off the Kindle Paperwhite, which includes 8GB of storage (space enough for “thousands” of books), a 10-week battery, USB-C charging, an IPX8 rating for dunks in the bathtub, and a great display to read off of whether you’re in the sunlight or in the dark with amber page lighting.

Get a Kindle Paperwhite for $30 off

$110 with Lock Screen Ads$130 without Lock Screen Ads

The Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition is $40 off right now — it bumps storage up to 32GB, adds wireless charging into the mix, and improves the display for adaptive brightness. We’ve reviewed this model and it stands out as the best showing Amazon’s put up in a while.

Pick up a Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition for $40 off

$150 without Lock Screen Ads

Finally, there’s the Kindle Oasis. Other than being a different shape for the people out there who want more of a hand or finger rest while reading, it provides just as many goodies as the Paperwhites and also includes adjustable shades of amber light. Battery life is a bit shorter, though, at six weeks. But if you can imagine yourself holding onto one of these for hours on end, you can get the 8GB version today for $50 off!

Take home a Kindle Oasis for $50 off

$200 with Lock Screen Ads$220 without Lock Screen Ads

All Kindle tablets are great for literature or black-and-white comics and can pair with your Bluetooth audio gear to play audiobooks, too. Amazon sells most of its e-readers (except the Paperwhite Signature Edition in this case) with lock screen advertising for a lower price; you’ll need to pay extra to remove it, but the discounts all remain the same.

Considering the months-long gaps between Kindle sales, this may be your best chance to grab one for less than regular asking price if you need one immediately. And with everyone headed back to work and school after a long summer, who wouldn’t need one?

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