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How did earth become the paradise it is today?

Earth’s inner core saved the magnetosphere and made it a habitable planet.

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Our Earth is the only planet in the Solar system where life exists. Till date, no other life firm has been found in the entire universe. Though scientists and researchers are trying to find out the possibility of life on other planets, it’s yet to be confirmed. But have you ever wondered why earth is different from other planets in the solar system? What makes it a habitable planet? Well! A recent paleomagnetic research finds the answers. According to research conducted by the University of Rochester, Earth’s solid inner core formed some 550 million years ago and restored its magnetic field generated from a large amount of molten iron swirling around. The molten iron is located 2800 kilometers below the earth’s surface. This magnetic field is invisible but it is vital for the existence of life on Earth. It shields the planet from streams of sun’s radiation also known as solar wind.

However, around 565 million years ago, it wasn’t the same. The study suggests that our planet’s magnetic field decreased to less than ten percent of its strength today but it regained its strength just before the Cambrian explosion or the “biological big bang” after which species of multicellular life emerged on earth.

The study, published in Nature Communications, has mentioned several key dates in the Earth’s core’s history that lead to evolution of Earth from a deserted planetary body to a habitable place in the universe. “The inner core is tremendously important. Right before the inner core started to grow, the magnetic field was at the point of collapse, but as soon as the inner core started to grow, the field was regenerated,” said John Tarduno, dean of research for Arts, Sciences, and Engineering at Rochester.

The researchers also shared that Mars too once had a magnetic field strong enough for the existence of life but due to the loss of strength, it became a dry and inhabitable planet.

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