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How to download and play Grand Theft Auto V on Android phones using the Steam Link

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GTA 5 enthusiasts are eager to play the game on their mobile devices and frequently ask if it is possible. This is not possible natively because the game has never been converted to Android or iOS. Those who own games on Steam, on the other hand, can use Steam Link to do so. Steam Link is a web-based application that allows PC gamers to stream games to mobile devices. When using Steam Link, the bandwidth and latency between the user’s PC, router, and mobile device will affect streaming performance. Here’s how gamers can use Steam Link to set up and broadcast GTA 5 to their mobile devices.  

GTA 5 on Android: A Guide to Using Steam Link to Play the Game on Mobile Devices

Steam Link must be downloaded and installed on the mobile device where the game will be played in order to play a PC game on it. Players must have purchased GTA 5 on Steam in order to play it. The Epic Games Store version of the game does not support Steam Link.


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The game will run on the computer where it is installed, with the results displayed on the smartphone’s screen. As a result, the mobile device doubles as a controller and a monitor. It is recommended that players utilise a different controller for the best performance.


  • To begin, players must connect their smartphones to the same network as their computers.
  • On the smartphone that will be used to play the game, the ‘Steam Link’ app must be installed. This can be done by clicking on the Google Play Store link provided below.
  • Players must then connect their Android smartphone to the Steam app on their PC.
  • After that, customers must press the “Start Playback” button to activate “Big Picture Mode” on their screen. The smartphone will now begin to mimic the appearance of a computer screen.
  • Finally, users must select GTA 5 from their Steam collection and press the “Play” button to begin the game.


Several Android ports of Rockstar’s 3D Universe games have been released, including PSP-era titles. GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, and Chinatown Wars are among them. Meanwhile, the games HD Universe and Vice City Stories have been removed from the schedule for 2021.

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