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How to download Minecraft Preview in 2022

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Everyone is after the Minecraft preview in 2022. After the game was back in trend last year, everyone was playing it. With the growing player base, the developers have come up with a preview option.

The preview option allows players to look into what the game has in store for us, which makes it increasingly easier to iron out the problems that lies with the game, before the update makes it to the final build.

Once players have downloaded the game, these steps are to be followed for their respective platforms.

iOS – To enroll in the program, head over to the and register with your Apple ID.

Windows 10/11 – Head over to to check the eligibility criteria, once cleared all the checkboxes, download it directly from there with your Microsoft account.

Xbox – Under the preview section inside the App store, Minecraft preview can be downloaded directly.

Follow these steps and you will have a preview for the update in no time.

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