How to download Minecraft Preview in 2022


Minecraft is a game predicated substantially on improvements, and Mojang is always releasing new content for its landmark title. In a new step for the game’s Bedrock Edition, the developers have released Minecraft Preview.

Considered the next logical step of Bedrock Edition’s beta program, Minecraft Preview is a new way to play the game’s upcoming content with fewer compromises and restrictions.


This method of experiencing the game is standalone, which means players won’t have to worry about causing issues with the version of the game they have installed.

Players can simply install Preview on its own and enjoy the game without causing any other issues. However, this method of testing new content does have its limitations.

Minecraft Preview can be downloaded and installed on iOS, Windows, and Xbox

  Preview serves all the same purposes as the current Bedrock Edition beta program but with fewer restrictions (Image via Mojang)
Preview serves all the same purposes as the current Bedrock Edition beta program but with fewer restrictions (Image via Mojang)

To opt into the Minecraft Preview program, players have different options depending on the platform they want to play on.

It’s important to note that this particular means of previewing the game is exclusive to Bedrock Edition platforms, as Java Edition players receive update snapshots as an alternative. In total, players can install Preview on iOS, Windows, and Xbox.

Steps to install Minecraft Preview on each eligible platform

  • iOS – Players will want to head to and sign up for the program using their Apple credentials. At the moment, Preview’s signups are full, but this may change in the future. This is because inactive players are removed over time. Spots are then made available for new players.
  • Windows 10/11 – Windows players can access Preview if they have purchased a copy of Bedrock Edition or have an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass. Players that meet this criteria can head to to install Preview directly. It’s also possible to access Xbox Game Pass directly via the Xbox application on Windows. Players can search for Preview to download it if the URL provided doesn’t work correctly.
  • Xbox – For players on Xbox consoles, the process is much easier. Players simply need to head to the Xbox store from their dashboard and search for Preview. They can then download the application directly. It can be played much like any other digital or physical download for the console.

Mojang has stated that they plan to expand Minecraft Preview to other platforms. Hopefully, this means that the application will expand to PlayStation consoles as well as Android devices.

Mojang plans to phase out the original beta program and replace it with Preview for the foreseeable future. For the time being, the beta program is still available on Xbox, Windows, and Android but will eventually be phased out.


Furthermore, Mojang has stated that it wishes to add Preview to the game’s official launcher in the future, giving players various ways to enjoy content for upcoming updates. This should be an excellent way to not only generate excitement for future releases but also allow the development team to gather critical feedback.

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