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How to download Simple Voice Chat mod for Minecraft 1.19 update

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By default, Minecraft doesn’t have voice chat faculties in Java Edition. However, through the Simple Voice Chat Mod, players can set up basic voice chat functions in their multiplayer server.

With this mod, they will have access to an easily configurable voice chat setting within the game. This means users won’t need to worry about using external voice chat applications like Discord.


They can download the mod, install it, and configure the settings to their liking. Games can then enjoy reliable proximity chat and party chat that holds up very well to server latency.

Minecraft: Downloading and installing Simple Voice Chat Mod for version 1.19

An indicator from the mod showing a player is speaking (Image via Minecraftings)
An indicator from the mod showing a player is speaking (Image via Minecraftings)

The good news for users is that the Simple Voice Chat mod is available on many reputed modding sites. It allows them to download and install it easily.

Furthermore, if gamers use modding programs such as Forge or Fabric, the mod is compatible with both, allowing easy installation. However, it’s still possible to install the mod manually if they prefer, and it all comes down to preference once the mod is downloaded.

It is worth noting that updating the mod is made much simpler via Fabric and Forge than doing so manually when future Minecraft updates are released.

Downloading/installing Simple Voice Chat for Java 1.19 (Fabric/Forge)


Step 1: Head to a dependable mod site such as CurseForge and navigate to or search for the Simple Voice Chat Mod.

Step 2: Click the download link button. Ensure that the version of the mod matches the version of Minecraft. For this example, version 1.19 will be used. CurseForge users can also directly download the mod using the Forge download button, and the download/installation process will take place automatically.

Step 3: Once players have the file downloaded into a folder or their desktop completely, it will typically be a .zip or .rar file. At other times, the .jar file itself may just be supplied on its own.

Step 4: Unzip the file archive using a program such as WinRAR or 7Zip. For Forge/Fabric users, a manual installation only requires that gamers place the downloaded and extracted files into the mod folder of their .minecraft folder. However, manual installation is somewhat more difficult.


Manually installing mod without Fabric/Forge

Step 1: For a manual installation without a mod loader, enter the .minecraft folder and open the versions folder.

Step 2: Inside the versions folder, open the folder of the appropriate game version (1.19, for example). Then rename the .jar and .json file to something like “1.19 modded.”

Step 3: Open the .json file with a text editor and change the id field to match the .jar file. For example, instead of 1.19, change the field to 1.19 modded and save changes.

Step 4: Open the 1.19 modded .jar file with Winrar or 7Zip, find the META-INF file, and delete it.

Step 5: Open the Simple Voice Chat Mod’s .jar file with Winrar and copy its contents into the 1.19 modded .jar file.

Step 6: Open Minecraft’s launcher and create a new installation. After naming the installation and picking version 1.19, select the 1.19 modded .jar file using the browse button.

Step 7: Switch to the installation on the play tab of the launcher and click the play button.


If done correctly, gamers should be able to run their modded version of the game. However, if they would like to use it on a server, they’ll need to install the mod server-side as well.

Considering how difficult manual installation can be, it’s highly advised that readers use a mod-friendly frontend like Forge, Fabric, Bukkit, or Spigot to install the mods on both the client and the server side.

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