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How to Download (& Use) the Better Minecraft Modpack

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Minecraft has always had a thriving modding scene producing lots of user-created content to renew the Minecraft experience, with mod packs such as the Better Minecraft Modpack providing players with new biomes to explore, mobs to encounter, and bosses to fight. Described as providing an experience fit for players who want “Minecraft 2” or to experience what “Minecraft should have been,” the Better Minecraft Modpack by modder SHXRKIE might be of particular interest to players left disappointed by Minecraft’s The Wild update.

Two main editions of Minecraft, Bedrock and Java Edition, are currently available for players to download. Minecraft’s modding scene is largely based on creating mods for the Java Edition, representing Minecraft as it was initially developed using the Java programming language. Some Minecraft mods have even become famous in the Minecraft community, with players seeking out mods to improve the already excellent base game experience by adding new content or fixing technical issues and improving game performance. For the unfamiliar, Modpacks gather dozens of mods from different modders together into a feature-rich, curated bundle of user-created content.

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Modpacks often make drastic changes to the Minecraft experience far beyond what players can do by installing standalone mods; ideal for players who find the official content introduced in Minecraft’s latest updates somewhat lacking. However, unlike some other games, Minecraft has a few commonly used mod loaders, and installing Modpacks such as Better Minecraft can be a little tricky, especially for players new to modding.

Installing the Better Minecraft Modpack for Minecraft Java

As always, it’s recommended that players create backups of their game files before starting to mod Minecraft to ensure their creations are safe in case something goes wrong, especially in this case, as Better Minecraft adds close to 200 mods when installed. Players should also note that two versions of Better Minecraft are available: one for the Fabric mod loader and another for the Forge mod loader. Generally, Forge is preferred by the Minecraft modding community; Fabric is less well-known and has a much smaller library of compatible mods, potentially making it trickier for players to add new content, such as a Minecraft mod adding an adorable straw golem.

Players can download Forge, making sure to get the version that matches the current version of their Minecraft install and run the downloaded installer file to install it. Once that’s done, players can double-check Forge is installed by booting up the Minecraft Launcher. Forge should be listed as an installation in the Latest Release drop-down menu. Players should then install the Curseforge application, which is needed to ensure Better Minecraft is installed correctly. This process can be a little haphazard and offers an excellent contrast to the more formal approach taken by Microsoft for introducing custom content to Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition, such as Minecraft’s BlockWorks Library map.

Once the Curseforge application is installed and booted up, players can follow these steps:

  • Step One: Choose Minecraft Java Edition from the main menu.
  • Step Two: Search for “Better Minecraft” in the search bar at the top, scroll to find “Better Minecraft [FORGE] – 1.18.2,” and click the orange Install button.
  • Step Three: Better Minecraft should appear under My Modpacks. The player can then click Play. This will install the mod and run Minecraft
  • Step Four: Click Play. This will run Minecraft with the Better Minecraft Modpack installed.

Players should then be able to play Better Minecraft, an interesting and arguably very different iteration of a procedurally generated wilderness. Luckily, players who try Better Minecraft and find they prefer a simpler version of the game can always swap back using the Latest Release drop-down menu. The 1.19 version, with Minecraft’s new frog mobs, is available there.

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Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

Source: Curseforge

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