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How to Get Enchantments without Enchanting Table

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Having an Enchanting Table for Enchantments is a core element in Minecraft survival, yet crafting and using this magical utility block can be costly, as it requires rare Lapis Lazuli and is less effective without multiple bookshelves. Furthermore, adventurers might encounter several Enchanted Books during their travels and wish to imbue their Enchantments into their equipment. However, the Enchanting Table is unable to combine Enchanted Book and gear, leaving players to find another method of Enchanting. Fortunately, Minecraft does offer a way to get Enchantments without an Enchanting Table using a utility block known as the Anvil. 

How To Do Enchanting With A Minecraft Anvil

Getting Enchantments With An Anvil In Minecraft

To do Enchanting in Minecraft without an Enchanting Table, players must craft an Anvil, which requires thirty-one iron ingots. Twenty-seven of these iron bars are used to make three iron blocks, which form the top portion of the Anvil. Iron ore is a common mineral that players should find relatively easily in underground caves and mineshafts.

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According to Minecraft YouTuber Eyecraftmc, the Anvil has the following uses when it comes to getting Enchantments without an Enchanting Table:

Using an Anvil for EnchantingWalkthrough Details
Enchanted Books
  • Place the tool, armor piece, or item into one of the slots of the Anvil.
  • Next, put the desired Enchantment (Enchanted Book) in the other slot.
  • Players can then spend their XP to receive the newly Enchanted item.
Combining and Upgrading Enchantments
  • Placing two of the same item type with different Enchantments on an Anvil in Minecraft will combine the two into a single item with all of the Enchantments.
  • This combination process can also be done for Enchanted Books.
  • Players can also place two of the same item Enchantment to upgrade it; for instance, placing an Efficiency III pickaxe with another pickaxe with the same Enchantment will yield an Efficiency IV pickaxe.
Renaming Normal and Enchanted Items
  • It is also possible to rename unaltered and Enchanted items via the Anvil.
  • However, bear in mind that this procedure will cost XP; therefore, it’s best to rename items during the Enchantment process.

One final detail to note is that, unlike Enchanting Tables in Minecraft, Anvils can wear away from use over time. Once the Anvil has been broken, it cannot be repaired, meaning that players must procure thirty-one ingots of iron to assemble a new one.

Source: Eyecraftmc

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. 

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