How to Install the No Chat Reports Mod

No Chat Reports is a fanmade mod in Minecraft created by Aizistral, a community user seeking to undo the new system put in place by Mojang for additional player moderation. With the 1.19.1 release of Minecraft: Java Edition, Mojang introduced Player Reporting, a new feature that serves as a tool allowing “players to report inappropriate chat messages or dangerous behavior and to send reports to (our) Minecraft moderators for review.” Accordingly, many are unsatisfied with this reporting system for fear of being unjustly banned. Therefore, these fans are turning to the No Chat Reports mod as a potential fix for this dilemma.

Installing No Chat Reports In Minecraft

Installing the No Chat Reports Mod In Minecraft

To install No Chat Reports in Minecraft, players can head to the official download Curse Forge page for the mod. Here, fans can choose to either manually download the mod or install it automatically via the Curse Forge PC app. Furthermore, players must have the latest version of Minecraft Forge and Java Edition to run the Forge installer.

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Using the Curse Forge launcherMinecraft players can conveniently download and install the No Chat Reports mod within a single step. Once this is done, fans must set up a profile for the No Chat Reports mod via the Curse Forge app. After setting up a profile, start the game with the No Chat Reports mod by launching through the Curse Forge app. Fortunately, the mod supports Forge and Fabric; all players must do is download the version for the respective mod loader. Conversely, those who prefer to install No Chat Reports manually will need to place the mod’s file into “C:\Users\PC\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft.” The “PC” will naturally be replaced with whatever the player’s PC system is called. 

What the No Chat Reports mod does is strip the cryptographic signatures attached to every message sent in the chat. Once these signatures have been removed, it becomes impossible for Mojang or other Minecraft moderators to track a player’s chat messages. Thus, the association between one’s chat history and Minecraft account is severed, causing Player Reporting to become irrelevant. While it is uncertain if the Minecraft dev team is working on a workaround for players installing and using No Chat Reports, those who dislike the new chat moderating system are highly encouraged to download Aizistral’s helpful mod. Of course, Player Reporting can have a place in toxic player environments, but fans disagree that this feature should be forced into their game.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. 

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