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How to know what version of Android TV or Google TV my TV is using and how I can update it to the latest

One of the workhorses of Android is the updates, a point that in the case of Android TV and also with Google TV is further aggravated. As a general rule, it is very difficult for a television or a device with any of these operating systems to follow a decent update rate. However, it is always interesting to know what version of Android TV (Google TV) using our device, especially in case there is a possibility that there is some more recent.

If you have a television with Android TV or Google TV, you can find out in a few steps what version of operating system are you using, regardless of the version of Android TV you have or the brand of TV you use. On almost all devices, the data appears in the same place.

What version of Android TV are you using?

The most normal thing is that to access the section that shows the information about the version of Android TV that your device uses, you have to press the shortcut that takes you to the device settings. An icon that is usually represented by a cogwheel at the top right of the screen.

Update 1

By clicking on the access to the settings, you must scroll between the options and look for something similar “Device Preferences” and within this section click on “About”. At that point you will see a text with the title “Version” either “Android version”, which displays information about the version of Android TV your device is running. Also, in “About” other relevant data is displayed, such as the kernel version, build number or TV model

Update 2
Update 3
Update 4

In the case of Google TV, the process is very similar, but once inside the settings the information appears in the path “System” and then in “Information”.

Update 8

You already know the version of the operating system that loads your television and now it remains to check if you have any pending update. In this sense, your television will offer the possibility of checking online if there is any pending update.

Update 5
Update 6

Action depending on the brand of the TV, but it is almost always found within “Information” either “About” with the option “System Software Update”. In my case, I have to admit that of all the televisions with Android TV that have passed through my hands, only once have I had a pending online update.

Update 7

You will only need to have an active Internet connection, so that the television itself is in charge of searching if it has any pending update and if it finds it, downloading and installing it. Except for specific cases, it is interesting to keep the television updated.

Updating the software is the worst (or the best) thing you can do to your Smart TV: this is what is happening with high-end TVs

If when searching, the TV tells you that you do not have any pending updates, you always have the option to search manually if there is any newer version of the operating system. In this case you will have to go to the official page of the manufacturer of your television and within the model, check if there is any pending update.

In my case, with Sony brand televisions, I have done all the updates manually following these steps, since the TV told me that there were no pending updates.

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