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Samsung’s latest Galaxy Z Fold 4 might be a total workhorse of a smartphone, but with a starting price closing in on $2,000, it’s definitely not the foldable for everyone. That’s where the Z Flip 4 comes in, a smartphone built for the general consumer who doesn’t need a tablet-sized display folded in their pocket. Not only is the Z Flip 4 available for a far more affordable price, but it’s also the only Samsung device with a Bespoke Edition, putting it in the running for one of the best smartphones you can buy right now.

Although Samsung’s customization tools launched for the Z Flip 3 last year, they’ve returned better than ever in 2022. With new colors and options, designing your very own multi-colored smartphone hasn’t been this easy since the halcyon days of Moto Maker. If you’re ready to get started with Samsung’s Bespoke Labs tools, let’s look at how the process works and — more importantly — some killer designs you might want to consider.

How Samsung’s Bespoke Studio works

To build your custom Galaxy Z Flip 4, head to Samsung’s web store to start. Although the company’s latest clamshell phone is available at a whole host of retailers, Samsung’s website is the only place you’ll be able to get the Bespoke Edition. Just keep in mind you’ll be buying the 256GB version of this phone — the 128GB model is unsupported.

Underneath the standard Z Flip 4 color lineup, you’ll spot a group of pre-selected color combinations built through the Bespoke Studio. If any of these win you over, you can skip the customization stage entirely — simply skip past this section and place that particular variant in your cart. These recommended color choices actually ship faster than if you make your own, though they’re primarily made up of monotone variants. Otherwise, we’ll have to use Samsung’s Bespoke Studio tool, an easy-to-use customization suite where you’ll select all three colors for your very own Z Flip 4.

Click on Create a New Style to open the Bespoke Studio and get started. If you’re using an ad-blocker, make sure it’s disabled for Samsung’s site — it does seem to stop the tools from properly loading. The site works on both mobile and desktop, although considering the empty white space on display when using Chrome, you’re better off using your smartphone to shop.

How to make your own Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition

With the tools open, get ready to build your next phone from the ground up. You can customize each of the three elements of the Z Flip 4 — the front panel, back panel, and the frame — by clicking on each specific section, then selecting a color from the bottom of the screen. Samsung’s web tools don’t let you rotate the phone or preview it in any other way other than the default image, though you can zoom in and out on desktop.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your device, the shuffle button randomly assigns colors to all three elements of your phone, although this option seems hidden in the mobile experience. You can also save any designs you’ve created by tapping the heart icon — they’ll be available to select before you check out.

Once you’re ready to buy, hit Buy Now. It’ll take you back to the main Galaxy Z Flip 4 page, where you can select a design from the “Create your styles” section, along with a shipping estimate. Just make sure this color is highlighted, then continue through with your purchase as usual. Buying a Bespoke Edition model doesn’t reduce or restrict your trade-in options, so make sure to save some extra cash by sending Samsung your old, outdated tech.

The best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition combos

Obviously, any beauty from Bespoke Edition designs is found in the eye of the beholder. As with any tech customization, it’s about what you like, not what other people find attractive. Not all of the colors available blend well together — though, again, that could be the look you’re aiming to achieve.

All that said, there are a handful of designs we think most phone shoppers might get excited by. If you’re completely stumped for designs, these looks make for some striking devices. Even if they aren’t all your type, one of these preset combinations is bound to win you over.

  • Blue and white with black frame: Classy, elegant, and bold — what else do you need? The black frame blends effortlessly into the glass on the front of the phone, while the blue and white make for a clean, modern feel. It’s eye-catching but not flashy.
  • White and white with black frame As close to a “Panda” Galaxy Z Flip 4 as you’ll ever find.
  • Yellow and yellow with gold frame: This look won’t be for everyone, but if yellow’s your favorite color, it’s bound to win some potential buyers over. With the Bespoke Studio offering three different frame colors this year, the yellow-on-yellow look avoids some of the issues with the original Bespoke Edition, though the black panel along the front of the phone might continue to turn off some buyers.
  • Blue and red with silver frame: I really love this shade of red — my home office has an accent wall painted a near-identical color — but unfortunately, it doesn’t go with most of the other options. I think blue is the exception, and when combined with the silver frame, it makes for a great tri-color scheme without looking too much like an American flag. If I buy a Bespoke Edition for myself, this would be the one I’d get.
  • Green and blue with silver frame: If red isn’t for you, Samsung’s forest green is a great substitute. I’ve moved the blue to the back of the phone, allowing the green to really stand out along the front of the device. The silver frame, meanwhile, continues to be my favorite of the three.
  • Blue and yellow with silver frame: One more blue highlight, this time with yellow. Of the last three mixes, this particular combination is my least favorite, though the contrasting brightness of yellow with this navy blue hue is bound to win over some hearts.
  • Red and red with gold frame: I’m not sure there’s much of a reason to get matching front and back panels, but if you’re sold on the gold frame, it’s the way to go. This red-and-gold combo is another one of my favorites, one that works so much better than I expected.
  • Blue and blue with gold frame: Of course, if you prefer blue over red, blue-on-blue-on gold works just as well.
  • Green and white with black frame: One final mix, this time with three of our least-used colors in this guide. Green-on-white-on-black might seem like an odd mix, but it looks great here. It’s almost winter-like, the green shade looking like pine trees while the white is reminiscent of snow.

Of course, if none of these designs is your vibe, that’s the best part of Bespoke Edition devices — you can customize and tune until you find the right color mix that works for you. If you can’t make up your mind, that Bora Purple hue is pretty tempting, too — maybe even tempting enough to skip out on Bespoke phones altogether.

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