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How to Take Part in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022

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Want to know how to take part in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022? Every year there are quite a few themed events in Minecraft. One of the sweet and kind traditions of Mojang is Mob Vote. During this event, players vote on mobs who be added to the game next. And the one who gets the most votes will become the new inhabitant of everyone’s favorite square world. Now, more than 30 types of mobs live in the classic version of Minecraft, but the world of Minecraft always welcomes new inhabitants to its open spaces. You can also influence the choice of a new creature by participating in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022, and our guide will tell you how to do it.

Minecraft: How to Take Part in Mob Vote 2022


As we said, the worldwide Mob Vote mini-event passes every year. And the event turns into an exciting confrontation between Minecraft fans. Groups of players create entire forums and communities, trying to attract as many followers as possible into their ranks and, as a result, influence the vote outcome.

Last year, Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 took place on Twitter, and everyone with a Twitter account could give their vote for one challenger. The winners were Glow Squid and Allay, who were added to the game permanently.

This year will be even easier than before. To take part in Minecraft Mob Vote 2022, you should launch the game and look to the right side of the main menu. In the image above, you will see a small Minecraft Now button. Until August 25, 2022, the button will be inactive, and you will see a countdown timer.

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From noon on August 25, the button will become active, and clicking on it will take you to the menu for selecting a new mob. Just click on the Mob to give your vote for it.

Congratulations, you have taken part in Mob Vote 2022. Unfortunately, we will not know the winner of the vote soon, as the developers keep this information secret. At the end of the year, we will see trailers of new updates, and we will find out about the winners of Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 on the same day. This Mob will get its trailer and, after that, be added to the game permanently.

Minecraft is available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS, Nintendo, Xbox, Android, and iOS.

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