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IOC taps riders with bikers’ cafes

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NEW DELHI: From convenios, fleet cards to consumer clubs and raffles, fuel retailers are constantly looking to create a customer following. But as electric vehicles and scooties encroach on the traditional turf, they are panning lifestyle trends for niche markets.
IndianOil, for one, is rolling out cafe for bikers at its outlets on popular holiday routes. The first such cafe — named ‘Pit Stop’ — is already doing a brisk business at the company’s petrol pump between Shoghi and Shimla, 300 kms from Delhi, on the way to Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh, a favourite destination for bikers.
Dealer Tarsen Bharti said he agreed to try out the concept IOC suggested as he had space. IOC executive Piyush Mittal said the concept is a recognition of the “streak of adventure and exploration” in today’s youth. Obviously, it also supplements dealers’ income and establishes IOC’s brand connect. IOC plans such cafes on both routes to Ladakh — via Manali as well as Srinagar — taken by tens of thousands of bikers during summer.

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