iPhone 13 mini for FREE on Verizon; PERFECT deal, NO trade-in required

Verizon is offering an interesting deal on iPhone 13 mini with a massive discount after iPhone 14 launch. Here’s how you can save a huge amount on iPhone 13 mini.

After the launch of the iPhone 14, Apple officially killed the iPhone 12 mini. Not just that, Apple rolled out the iPhone 14 Plus instead. It has a 6.7-inch display. Since there is no iPhone 14 mini, iPhone 13 mini is the latest and the only version officially that is available for you, in case you are a fan of a compact smartphone. The iPhone 13 mini was launched last year at a starting price of $599 but now, you can just avail it at almost no cost. Basically at zero price!

Right, it’s not that easy! You will need to fulfill some terms and conditions of Verizon to grab this iPhone 13 mini version for free.

Verizon has come up with an interesting deal, where all you need to do is to get a specific plan to grab the iPhone deal for free. The best part of this deal is that unlike many other offers on iPhones in the US, you don’t need to worry about trading in an old smartphone. Moreover, you can even add an Apple iPad for as low as $7 per month with this iPhone purchase. Wondering how to get this iPhone 13 mini deal? Check the detailed steps here.

iPhone 13 mini deal for FREE on Verizon

Step 1:
To get the iPhone 13 mini for free, you will need to visit the Verizon website and choose the internal memory and colour option.
Step 2:
Tap on Add new line option with ‘Specific plans required. New line required.” 
Step 3:
Now click on continue and select a new user option. This will open a new screen where you will need to enter your ZIP code and confirm the location. 
Step 4:
Further, you will find several Verizon plans to get the iPhone 13 mini for free. You can choose any of these and proceed to make payment for the 36-month period. 
Step 5:
Complete your payment and enjoy, you just bought yourself one of the best phones on the planet! 

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