iPhone 14 price cut? Get £805 discount, just trade-in your iPhone 13 Pro Max and older phones BEFORE this date

Want to upgrade to iPhone 14 but don’t want to pay the premium price? You can bring the price down by trading-in your older device. But make sure you do it before this date to ensure the best price.

Upgrading to the iPhone 14 seems like a no-brainer! The upcoming smartphone series will come with the latest upgrades, design changes and longest iOS support compared to any other iPhone at present. Yet, the decision is not as simple with the Apple smartphone pricing itself in the premium segment. That is sure to burn a big hole in your pocket. But there is one way to bring down the price of the iPhone 14. By trading-in your older device. But if you want the best deal possible, you should do it before September 2nd. Why? Read on to find out.

Do note, that this offer is mainly for people in the UK, but even in other countries where there is an established reseller market, this will apply. However, this is not for the official Apple trade-in, since you can only buy the iPhone 14 after it goes for sale. However, if you use this trick smartly, it is sure to save you some big bucks.

How to maximize trade-in value for older iPhone devices

According to the UK reselling giant musicMagpie, once the new iPhone model is announced, the trade-in value of the older smartphones falls. So, it is important to not miss out on trading-in the device before the iPhone 14 series is announced. Now, while the iPhone 14 will not be officially announced before the Apple event, the announcement of the event itself can trigger lowering of the price of older models. This happens because the event announcement works as an unofficial announcement for the iPhone, given Apple’s track record.

A question you might have is that if you trade-in your device before the iPhone 14 is even launched, how are you going to buy the new device. This is where the resellers come in. Resellers like UK-based musicMagpie allow customers to keep the device for up to 21 days after the trade-in has been invoked. This means, even if you traded-in your older iPhone on September 2 (given the rumors that an Apple event could be held on September 7), you can keep it with you till September 23. This should give you enough time to trade your device for the iPhone 14 with a higher trade-in value.

“The value of older handsets declines considerably once a new model is announced. With those in the know suggesting that we might all be getting a glimpse at the new iPhone 14 a week earlier than we thought, it is more important than ever to make sure that you aren’t leaving it too late to lock in the best price possible for your current phone,” Jon Miller, the group chief commercial officer at musicMagpie, told Express.

Here are the trade-in values that people in the UK can leverage at musicMagpie. Check the list:

  • iPhone13 Pro Max 1TB – up to £805
  • iPhone 13 512GB – up to £592
  • iPhone 12 128GB – up to £408
  • iPhone 11 128GB – up to £290
  • iPhone 8 64GB – up to £93
  • iPhone 7 32GB – up to £45

For those who do not have a reseller market or companies who let them keep their device for up to 21 days, even you will be benefitted by trading-in your device before September 2, if you are looking to upgrade to any iPhone except the iPhone 14 series. Once the new smartphone is announced, the value of all older iPhone on trade-in will go down.

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