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Minecraft Marketplace 5th Anniversary Free Content and Discounts Available Now

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Minecraft may well be over ten years old but the Marketplace was only introduced into the game in 2017. To celebrate the Minecraft Marketplace 5th anniversary, players will be able to get free content and make use of discounts on other popular content until the middle of July, starting with a free download of Marketplace Creator Tycoon right now.

Minecraft Marketplace free content

The first free gift players can get from the Minecraft Marketplace is Marketplace Creator Tycoon from Jigarbov Productions. Players become rookie game developers and head into the Inspiration Zone to find an idea for their first game. Once developed, the game is pushed out into the world to gather ratings and bring in some much-needed funds. Eventually, players can grow their business, upgrade their offices, recruit more developers, and unlock more ideas in the inspiration zone. The game will be free to download until May 24, 2024 on the Minecraft Marketplace, but is limited to one download per person playing the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

More information on the limited-time store discounts and future freebies has been promised soon. There will also be a look back at the history of the Marketplace, including interviews with the creators and retrospective features on popular maps. These include the story-driven Jurassic Park-esque Dinosaur Island, Refuge of the Dragons where players get the opportunity to tame their own dragons, and My Life in Sakura Shores where players create their own ideal homes by completing festival minigames. The Marketplace 5 Year Celebration will continue until July 12, 2022.

In other news, Roller Champions has been suffering from crashing issues on all platforms as it launches on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Elsewhere, a Marvel MMORPG in development at Daybreak Games has been canceled in favor of investment in current games and unlicensed IPs.

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