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Nearly 35% Of People Didn’t Realize Android Phones Had This Hidden Feature

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In a SlashGear survey, we asked participants to let us know some of the hidden features they didn’t realize were available on their Android phones. Out of the 592 U.S. respondents we surveyed, 34.80% said they didn’t know their Android smartphones had a guest mode designed to protect their privacy while someone else is using it. In addition to that, 20.27% didn’t have a clue that you could automatically disable your lock screen while you’re at home, and 17.91% didn’t know about the one-handed mode that makes it easier to control your phone without straining your finger.

Did you also know that you can split the screen of your Android smartphone and run apps side by side? Well, 17.40% of the people we polled didn’t know about that cool feature. However, most respondents were aware that you can increase the text and image visibility of your Android smartphone, considering that only 9.63% of the people we asked didn’t know about it. Beyond that, there are other hidden features on your Android smartphone that you probably don’t know about. It’s time to find out! 

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