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New Sonic Frontiers Trailer Reveals Fall Launch Date

Sonic fans all have their fingers crossed for the newest game for the “Blue Blur”. We’ve been waiting since last year to see how this is going to function. Well, it looks like we know when the wait will be over, as SEGA just posted a trailer letting us know the launch date for Sonic Frontiers- that date is November 8th.

Let’s get this out of the way, Sonic just has been on a cold streak with its games over the past… so many years. However, the folks at SEGA aren’t giving up on Sonic, and they’re still looking to bring a game to get him back on his feet. Last year, we got a short teaser showing him in a strange seemingly ancient land.

Over the year, SEGA partnered with IGN to share trailers and some of the gameplay of the game. Well, if you’ve heard the term “Sonic Breath of The Wild” lately, this is why. The game puts a spin on Sonic that we haven’t seen in over 20 years- it’s an open world. A lot of the early gameplay centered around showcasing the new open world that Sonic’s free to run around in.

Aside from the new world, the early gameplay showed off some new attacks and abilities that Sonic has in the game. We see him throwing what looks like energy blasts among other attacks.

The Sonic Frontiers trailer reveals the launch date and a new villain

The new trailer for Sonic Frontiers shows us some interesting parts of the game. For starters, there’s the adorable little stone creature at the beginning that might play a role in the game later on. Aside from that, we see who might be the main villain of the game. We’ll have to wait for the game to release before we can know for sure.

On top of that, we see some of the non-open-world gameplay. About a quarter into the trailer, we see Sonic speeding through some linear stages which are reminiscent of most 3D Sonic titles. One shot even shows the trademark checkerboard stone that we see in all Greenhill Zone stages. However, that seems to contrast the dystopian tone of the rest of the game.

This is just speculation, but that stage could take place before the event that transports Sonic to the strange land. Maybe it’ll be the tutorial stage that people play before stuff starts to hit the fan.

Overall, it seems that SEGA is looking to flip the script with Sonic Frontiers. We’re seeing a lot of new stuff with this game that we haven’t seen before, and that makes a lot of us excited. The game comes out in only a few months, so there’s not much more time to wait. When it launches, it will be for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and the Xbox Series S/X

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