New Xiaomi mobile brand: Android Stock and 3 years of updates

To everyone’s surprise, a report from China confirms that Xiaomi is working on a new smartphone brand. The company already has its own devices, with Redmi, with POCO and also with BlackShark. Now a new sub-brand would be aimed at Android mobile enthusiasts. How will Xiaomi get their attention? Everything indicates that it will launch devices with stock android and several years of updates.
Yes, it is something very similar to what he tried – and achieved – a few years ago with the Android One: Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A2 and Mi A3. The devices were a success and it was the company itself that decided to leave them aside for not including MIUI.

Xiaomi sees market in Android Stock style Google Pixel

Reports coming out of China point to a new brand belonging to Xiaomi with the aim of launching smartphones for enthusiasts. It is true that the enthusiastic user gives importance to Android, customization layers and updates, so these devices would focus on these details.

It is completely unknown what the brand will be called or when it will be introduced. What we do know is that it could start launched devices of mid-range. The leaks speak specifically of terminals with Qualcomm processors from the 700 series.

Android Stock, 3 years of updates and low price

Xiaomi Mi A2 pantalla

It is quite smart to compete in the mid-range, as it is the gross of sales and launches of the main company. Xiaomi has it easier than in any other range, in addition to being able offer competitive prices and not close to 1,000 euros.

These terminals would host an Android aesthetic very similar to that of the Google Pixel and would have 3 years of Android updates. if they will take Android One or a version of Android modified by Xiaomi is something that we do not know. Having Google support would greatly improve this new brand.

Xiaomi already knows that it works

Xiaomi Mi A1 red

This project is not new, because Xiaomi already had it for sale 3 generations of mobiles with Android Stock which worked very well. It was the company itself that killed the Mi Ax series with a model, the Mi A3, without the possibility of competing and with a refusal to continue launching models.

Xiaomi sold many, many mobile phones with Android One, especially when it landed in Spain. The fact of ending that saga was related to the MIUI expansion. The Xiaomi Mi Ax did not have the customization layer and more and more users preferred Stock Android to MIUI.

Xiaomi got tired and cut to the chase. Now the company could be seeing the potential for a Stock Android interface and several years of updates for the western market. Now we just have to wait to see if this new Xiaomi brand is a reality or if it is forgotten. Would you like to see it in the market?

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