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Onir: I made my next film Pine Cone because I was angry with the delay of We Are – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

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Director Onir was upset with the fact that his sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘I Am’, titled ‘We Are’ ran into controversy and it was delayed. Even though he felt distraught, Onir decided to put his creativity to good use and he’s shot an all-new film. Speaking to ETimes exclusively, he revealed, “I just finished shooting a film called ‘Pine Cone’. I wrote and directed this film because I was so angry with the delay and objective to my film We Are, which is a queer love story.”

Onir described the concept of his new film in detail and said, “Pine Cone a story of a gay man through three decades of his life, going through relationships. It’s the love story of a man navigating through life in these three decades. It starts in 1999, when the first Gay Pride was held in India. Ten years later, the Delhi High Court decriminalized same sex relationships in 2009. The character’s life has another moment in 2019, one year after the Supreme Court decrimininalized homosexuality. So, the story features different historical phases through the protagonist’s journey.”

The director of ‘My Brother Nikhil’ revealed that ‘Pine Cone’ will be the first time in a Hindi film that an out and out gay actor will be playing the lead gay character. He added, “His name is Vidhu Sethi. He is from Delhi. The post production for our film is going on right now. Once that’s done, I will take the film to the festivals followed by a theatrical release.”

While that sounds like a brave film, we asked Onir if he’s preparing for trouble again. And if he’s going to have concerns with the Censor Board. He exclaimed, “Now that homosexuality is decrimininalized, they should not trouble me. But one never knows.”

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