Pure joy of the National Team for its great debut in the U-20 World Cup

The Colombian Women’s National Team enjoyed its triumphant debut at the U-20 World Cup in Costa Rica with much flavor and joy, after beat Germany on Wednesday.

Colombia won with a score from Mariana Muñoz, to achieve the first 3 points and the lead in the group B table.

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Pure Colombian flavor

Pure joy of the National Team for its great debut in the U-20 World Cup

After the game, the players were exultant, and it was not for less, with this historic victory for the team, against a world power.

The National Team’s press office shared an emotional video that shows a bit of the national celebration.

The players dance, sing, laugh and make jokes, radiating much joy within the group.

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What’s coming

The celebration is already is past. Starting Thursday, the team focused on its next rival, which will be Mexico, this Saturday.

The tricolor team hopes to achieve another victory that will put them on track to the next phase. The Mexicans drew in their first match against New Zealand, 1-1.

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