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Ranveer Singh, Milind Soman, John Abraham: Bollywood actors who posed nude on Instagram

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On his 55th birthday, Milind Soman made headlines after he shared a nude photo of himself running on a beach in Goa. He was booked under IPC section 294 for obscenity. Reacting to the trolling on social media, Milind had told ETimes, “I don’t know why! It was like people never saw anybody naked before, it is crazy! I don’t really notice trolls. Sometimes I look for it, just for fun sake. Even if you look at that (nude) picture, it is not really trolling. I know what is trolling. When I see some people and the response they get on social media, I really wonder – how does it affect their mental health. Because it is such an attack. It is hard to digest when thousands of people are fermenting negativity. I really wonder how they deal with it. Even for my nude picture, 99% of people were like – WOW! This is amazing! And it was shot by my wife, it was not like some photographer was hired or some newspaper shot it. I think people were just a little bit shocked! especially those who are new to Internet culture as these people are not exposed to what’s already on the Internet, which is basically the real world. For those, I think my picture was a wake up call. Search the hashtag naked on Instagram and there will be 10 million posts. It’s just that people have not seen it.”

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