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Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot had conviction, says Jayesh Sheth who shot Mamta Kulkarni in the buff – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot continues to garner support from the photography community. The latest artist to lend his approval to Ranveer’s bare-it-all moment is photographer Jayesh Sheth, who had shot actress Mamta Kulkarni’s topless photos for a popular film magazine, back in the 90s.

Recalling the hysteria from three decades ago, Jayesh said, “During those days, it was very shocking for people to see such bold pictures of celebrities. When I shot with Mamta Kulkarni, it became very controversial for the world and the Mahila Mandal Association along with some right wing people got after us. But, we were prepared for it.”

Jayesh revealed that any bold photoshoot requires the model to be confident and it shows in the final result. He explained, “Whether it is a man or a woman, who is planning to shoot such pictures, they must go through it with conviction. And that was the case with Ranveer Singh. While such pictures had big shock value in the past, today nudity is quite acceptable and people don’t really react to it like they used to.”

Jayesh had shot multiple topless photos of Mamta Kulkarni for a film magazine, but those photos landed him and the actress in a world of legal trouble. He recalled, “A court case was filed and we won it after 10 years. The judgement was that there was no obscenity in the photograph. A lot of money was spent on the lawyers, but the publishers had to bear those costs.”

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