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Rockstar Reportedly Copyright Strikes Its Own Co-Founder Over GTA Videos

Rockstar Games has been a popular news subject lately, given the highly-anticipated future launch of GTA 6.

However, it appears the publisher is once again going after GTA content creators – even ones that used to work for Rockstar. As reported by VGC, the company has allegedly issued copyright strikes against two videos uploaded by Grand Theft Auto’s original developer, Mike Dailly, which feature footage of prototype content.

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Dailly, who founded DMA Design, now known as Rockstar North, blamed his former employers for his videos being taken down. “I see Rockstar are going full fuckers mode again, issuing copyright strikes to any GTA video they can find – including both my prototype videos”, the former developer said on Twitter. “So now they’re trying to block all release of anyone’s work on a game – and any old development footage.”


This is far from the first time Rockstar and Take-Two have come after GTA content creators. As we’ve covered previously, they recently went after modders, getting rid of fan-remasters of old PS2 games. It also started taking VR mods down too.

As for GTA 6, it’s been reported that the upcoming game will be set in a Miami-inspired location and feature a female protagonist.

Another report has made claims of Rockstar being intent on releasing single-player DLC for the title following complaints over the absence of such as it pertains to GTA 5. The game’s developers instead chose to focus on Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA Online, with the latter’s success largely unexpected but are reportedly reverting to earlier plans.

GTA 6 still doesn’t have a confirmed release date.

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